Friday, August 2, 2013

Kinsey's Arrival

Knock, knock, knock.
No answer.
Knock, knock, knock. . .
 "Hello? Hello, Isabelle? Anybody here?"
 Seeing that the door was unlocked, Kinsey let herself in.
 "Well, it looks like an office, so I think I am in the right place."
 "Helllloooooo up there!"
Silence. . . 
"It seems that no one is home right now. Oh my, what a disgrace this place is! Papers, food wrappers and cups everywhere. No wonder I have been hired! I can see that my new boss is, shall we say, 'cleaning challenged'."
 "Oh my, where to start?"
 Just then Bessie walked through the door.
Kinsey turned. "Hello you must be Isabelle. I am Kinsey Mio, your new secretary. The door was not locked so I just let myself in. Hope you don't mind."
 "No, no, no, I am not Isabelle," the doll put in quickly, "I am Bessie. Nice to meet you, Kinsey, but Isabelle is at school today. She is getting ready to take her final exams."
"I'm sorry, final exams? What do you mean?"
"Isabelle is currently studying to become a real estate agent," Bessie explained. "I didn't know she was hiring staff already. Understandable, I suppose, as she is planning on opening in about a week."
Kinsey looked surprised. "In a week? With the office looking like this?"
Bessie glanced around and realized that indeed, the office was very messy! "Exams!" she concluded.
"No excuse!" the no-nonsense Kinsey replied. "I see that I have my work cut out for me. I guess Isabelle was not expecting me so soon, but I am thinking it was rather fortunate that I am here now! I will just go and check into a hotel and come back tonight to meet Isabelle."
 "Um, there aren't any hotels in Oak Leaf Forest, Kinsey dear."
Kinsey was dismayed. "What?. . . no hotels? Uh-oh. . . Maybe I had better just sit and wait for Isabelle to come back."
"I have a better idea," said Bessie with a wink. "How about we go upstairs and I will make you a nice cup of tea to drink while you wait. I also have some freshly baked cookies."
 "Sounds good to me!"
So Kinsey and Bessie spent the afternoon chatting over cookies and tea, while waiting for Isabelle to arrive back at the office.
 (You do know that all Elves have a major sweet tooth, don't you?)
 And so, when it comes to sweet things, there is always room for just one more!



  2. Glad Kinsey met a friend. Those cookies look yummy!

  3. Hello Kinsey, I hope you find somewhere to stay. Isabelle really needs someone to pick up after her, she can be quite messy at times. :) It was kind of Bessie to look after you with tea and cookies until Isabelle comes home.

  4. Hello Kinsey! I am so glad that Bessie arrived when she did and that she had some very tasty looking cookies to serve while you wait for Isabelle's return. I am sure that you will feel right at home in this town. It is very friendly! A Big Welcome!


  5. What a wonderful encounter!

  6. Nice to meet Kinsey - seems that Isabelle needs someone who is a little bit straight and focussed... not only when it comes to cookies... ;O)


  7. Kinsey is adorable. What a team she'll make with Isabelle!! Those cookies look yumilicious!!

  8. Hi Isabelle, you have put a whole story "en scene" like directing a movie. Very well done, the pictures you have taken are lovely. Hugs, Liduina

  9. Hello Kinsey,
    I am so happy Isabelle will have some help...An untidy office does not look too professional to new clients.
    Big hug,

  10. Mmm, cookies. Looks like Kinsey will be a big help to Isabella! Awesome! Congratulations, Isabella, on your spiffy new assistant! And I hope finals went great too!