Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mr Arthur, the Author

A very strange thing happened today.
I have been doing my homework at the office, as it is closer to the school. I was in the middle of studying when I heard a knock at the door.
Now, a funny thing happens when you hear knocking. You suddenly realize that the place is a mess and you are not dressed for visitors. You call out a phrase such as, "I am not home!" the same time the person outside looks you in the eye and smiles.
I opened the door and the man introduced himself as Mr Arthur, The Author. (Now isn't that is a mouthful of words!)
"I am in need of a home and I heard that this was the property manager's office," he said.
"This is the property manager's office," I replied, "but I am not opening for about another week or two. I am currently studying for my final real estate exam."
"Ah yes, I had heard that, but I need to speak with you now."
I ushered him in and suddenly the realization of just how untidy the office had become struck me like a ton of bricks. Rather embarrassed, I said that if he could find a seat he was welcome to sit down. 
Seeing my utter despair, Mr Arthur told me that he would be more surprised and concerned if the office was neat and orderly. Apparently, "creative souls and students live in a mess during their peak times," and he, "understood completely!"
Mr Arthur needs a home rather quickly, as the property he usually rents out is no longer available.
He proceeded to pull out a wad of money to pay for the inconvenience of coming after hours and I told him that I did not need any money up front. (Although I could not help wishing I could have some of that money, as students really don't make much!)
We got down to business and he described exactly what he wanted; a small house with plenty of privacy and TONS of character.
He comes to Oak Leaf Forest once a year for a few months to get some work done so all he needs is a bedroom and an office.
After all the details were established, I offered him a Coke and some potato chips which he accepted, much to my surprise. Mr Arthur is rather interesting and we had a lovely conversation.
It turns out that Mr Arthur is a famous writer but lives as a hermit to protect his privacy. He comes here to write his novels, but people think he is just a newspaper columnist. I told him that his secret was safe with me.
My first (and unexpected) client! By the way, he left a $100 tip on the table.
Business has begun!



  1. Mr. Arthur seems nice! And awesome! $100!

  2. A 100 dollar tip? Who is he... J. K. Rowling in male disguise? *grin* Congrats on your first customer and an indeed noble tip - and I couldn't help thinking your office floor reminds me of my working table... ;O)


  3. Hello Isabelle! It always seems to happen to Me too, when I am not dressed and/or expecting company, That is when they suddenly appear. Fortunately for you, You are sooo cute that who would even look at the papers all over the floor!? ( smiles) This Mr. Arthur, is a serious customer and so have you got something in mind already? He seems in quite a hurry to get a property!


  4. Hello Isabelle,
    Already a working woman in your field. I am happy you got such a distinguished client and I wish you many more...better get the studying out of the way. I think you will be more successful then you hoped.
    Big hug,

  5. That is great news Isabelle, a star client who's generous as well, now don't you go spending that $100 to quickly (and whatever you do, don't let Sam know, she might spend on a new dolly). Have a lovely week!