Thursday, November 7, 2013

Grand Opening Party (Part 1)

Well, the big day is finally here! Kinsey is very excited to have this party. She has been busy decorating and even bought a couple of very fancy party dresses for us to wear. Like I said before, I would have just been happy to hang an "open" sign in the window and be done!
When I arrived at the office, I was amazed at all the food, decorations and extra chairs that had been set up. (I am wondering how many dolls Kinsey thinks will come?)
 So much food!
"Mr Crumble," I said, "your food looks very delicious, and I think we have enough to feed an army!"
Kinsey overheard me and came running up the stairs to tell me how important it is to have lots of food at a party. "Nothing worse than not having enough!" she said.
 I know Kinsey has been looking forward to this day, but I am afraid that the turnout could be rather disappointing. There are not that many small dolls living here.
I took a deep breath and realized that the preparation and anticipation of the party is more fun for others than it is for me. I decided to keep my mouth closed and just enjoy myself.
Now, that everything is ready it is time to sit back and wait.
Let's see what happens. . .

Cheerio for now,


  1. Look at all of that incredible food! My mouth is watering! I wish I could reach in my computer screen and have a couple of donuts--yumm! xo Jennifer

  2. Is someone getting more dollies?

  3. Wow, Isabelle!!! Mr. Crumble has certainly outdone himself for this event! Way to go, Mr. C! Try to relax Isabelle, People love to eat and see what is going on, so get ready for the droves of people who will ALL need a new home! :D


  4. Yummie Isabelle,
    What a party! There are a lot of sweet things. I love one sandwich please.

  5. There is nothing like a good party! The place looks very festive.

  6. I gained one pound just looking at the first picture... ;O) Let's see what's going to happen - I'm sure it will be a big success and a great party.


  7. Good luck with the party, I'm sure it will be a huge success Isabelle. Kinsey and Mr. Crumble have gone to great lengths to ensure it is so. All that lovely food shouldn't go to waste, there will be lots of friends attending, maybe some we haven't even met yet. :)

  8. Kinsey is right! Food is essential for a good party. Just relax and enjoy, you'll see, before long the house will be filled with friends and laughter. X

  9. Oh Wow what an Awesome Spread! Mr Crumbles did an outstanding job with all the goodies. Kinsey did Great with the decorating - Oh Isabelle, I bet you are going to have ToNs of friends show up - TiGGs is already marching over with her whole crew - Now ThaTs a ParTy! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  10. This is SO adorable!!
    Awesome spread, Mr. Crumbles!

    And I think if they could, my girls would all go over to join in the party!
    They're very envious of all those delicious looking sweets!!!

  11. I'm late (as I am to most parties, actually). How fun! What an amazing bunch of food! YUMMY! I hope everyone had a great time! I can't wait to hear how it went!