Saturday, December 7, 2013

Xanadu's dress

Guess what? I won a dress!!! I entered Xanadu's giveaway a few weeks ago and I won! Xanadu is ball jointed doll enthusiast, who also makes and sells beautiful doll clothes. Check out her blog here, and her Etsy store here.

Kinsey and I were just sitting around when a rather large envelope was delivered to our house. Kinsey called to me, "Hey, Isabelle, this letter is from Australia and it is addressed to you!"
Inside was a beautiful card from Xanadu saying that I had won her giveaway. It was rather exciting getting this kind of mail!
Tucked into the card was a gorgeous green ladybug dress.
I knew immediately that I was far too small for the dress, but somehow I couldn't help thinking, "It is mine, my precious. I won it! Therefore it ought to be mine." Funny how greed can make us blind and selfish.
I took out the dress and marveled at the workmanship. It was rather obvious that the dress would fit Kinsey better than it would fit me. Kinsey looked about the right size, and I could tell by the glint in her eye that she really wanted it. Within minutes she had it on and looked stunning!
 "What do you think, Isabelle?" Kinsey asked.
 "To tell you honestly, I think you look fabulous! It fits really well and it is very pretty on you," I said.
"Thank you so much, Isabelle. It must be hard to give away something you just won, and I appreciate it so much!"
Oh Kinsey, she has a heart of gold!
Kinsey loves clothes and I am so glad that it fits her. Kinsey is a hard worker and deserves a nice treat.
Thank you again, Xanadu!



  1. Ow, that is so sweet of you. Kinsey does look stunning in that dress. So congratulations on winning the prize and on being such a good friend to Kinsey.

  2. Congrats, dear Isabelle - both for winning such a lovely price AND for giving it away... it was the best decision.


  3. WOW! That is a stunning dress, and you are very kind to have given it to Kinsey. She really does look amazing in it. You rock, Isabella. Congratulations on winning it, and on being awesome enough to give it to someone who it wouldn't look like a Bedouin tent on. :) (Sometimes it's rough being our size, I know.) :)

  4. Congratulations on your fantastic win! And you're a real giver too! xo Jennifer

  5. Congrats for winning the beautiful Dress!

  6. Oh Isabelle! You've resisted the power of the dress that was offered to you freely... now you can remain Isabelle! XD

    Hehehe.... I think we all have that moment when we get a free thing of "It'smineit'smineit'smine!" Whether it's something that will actually work for us or not XD

    Very lovely story! And congrats!

  7. Dear sweet Isabelle, thank you for your generous heart and for writing such a lovely story about my tiny gift. Such kindness will surely be rewarded in time.

  8. Thanks everyone. I really enjoy reading your comments. Kinsey loves her dress and has not taken it off even though the temperatures are dropping here! She was even talking about getting a cardigan and leggings to get her through winter. Oh my!

  9. Wow Isabelle Congratulations for winning such a Lovely dress and how very sweet of you to share it with Kinsey - she does look very Festive and Lovely in it! :)