Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ordering Office Supplies

Seeing that my office is almost finished, I thought it was high time to order some furniture. I've heard about people ordering stuff online, and I wondered, how hard could it be?
Very soon I realized I may be a trifle too small for this task, but I have perseverance! My first challenge was to work the mouse. I found it easiest to left and right click with my feet.
 Alright now. . . I need to find Google.
 My goodness. Even working the keyboard is tedious!
 *Whew* Here we are, folks! Welcome to . . Google!
 Hmm. I need a computer and some office furniture. Let's see what the trusty old Internet brings up. . .
Eureka! That's exactly the style I'm looking for. I found a whole bunch of things that will look good and I am now ready to order. 
Now I know that there is a piece of plastic around here with a special code on it for acquiring things. I just need to find it and type in the code. . .I see Sam use it all the time, I am sure she won't mind if I use it too.



  1. You are too cute Isabelle!

  2. Hi Isabelle! You are one persistent little elf! I have great admiration for you and all your efforts and I can't wait to see what you've ordered! I am certain that Sam will be pleased with what comes too, as you and she seem to agree on almost everything!


  3. LOL Isabelle - You are sooo Adorable working that mouse like a little pedal car, and yep those keys are a bit of work - TiGGy sez try dancing on the keyboard, definitely makes googling Alot more fun! Great PiX - Go Isabelle Go!

  4. Oh No!! Not the credit card! Sam will have a big surprise when the furniture arrives.
    hugs♥ cute girl!