Sunday, June 16, 2013

Priority Mail

Sam is in Canada on vacation (yeah, without me!).
The good news is, my box arrived rather promptly. I had put in my order that I wanted it fast. No point waiting around for a long time. (I want to surprise Sam when she gets home). There was one problem however, I could not lift the box by myself. I had to wait until someone bigger came by. So I sat and waited. .
Finally, I spotted two Australian Girl dolls out in the garden taking a stroll.  I recognized Emily from my camping trip, so I went over and asked for help.
Me: "Hello Emily, do you remember me?"
Emily: "Why, of course, hi Isabelle! I would like you to meet my friend Matilda."
Me: "Hello Matilda, nice to meet you."
Matilda had the most amazing, curly red hair, I have ever seen.
  Both girls listened to my dilemma and said that they would be glad to help out.
The girls were able to lift the box easily enough, but suddenly stopped.
 Matilda: "There seems to be something blocking the way."
Emily: "Oh no, it's Mr Louie, the neighborhood cat!"
Emily: "Oh Mr Louie, will you please move out of our way? This box is really heavy and we need to move it."
Mr Louie: "Don't you know that I am a cat? I do what I want, whenever I want to. I will only move if I feel like it, and right now I am rather comfortable."
 I could not believe my ears. I had to say something. "MR LOUIE! You are extremely rude!"
 I whispered something Elvish to him and his ears pricked up.
 Mr Louie thought about what I said for a moment.
 His eyes widened and then he jumped up to lend a paw.
Silly cats, all they need is a little reminder of how powerful Elves can be!

Well, time to go check the inventory!


  1. LOL! This is too cute! :)

  2. Hello Isabelle! I bet that you are excited to see what is inside that box aren't you? Since Sam is in Canada for a while, are you going to wait for her to get back before you tackle opening it, or are you going to try to open the box by yourself? I must say that it was very good thinking to enlist the hep and the cooperation of both the 2 pretty young ladies and Mr. Louie to get the box inside!
    It is nice to have friends in all different shapes and sizes isn't it!


  3. Hello Isabelle,
    I cannot wait to see what is inside!
    Big hug,

  4. OmiGosh what an Awesome story! Isabelle you are absolutely Irresistible, no wonder Mr Louie thought better of it and helped out - Wow you were Very Lucky your dolly friends just happened to pass by, and indeed Matilda's gorgeous red locks are spectacular, and do go nicely with Mr Louie too. Great Adventure Isabelle, cant WaiT to see whats in the boX!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I cannot wait to open the box either. I am looking forward to getting my office all set up!