Monday, June 24, 2013

Box Opening

Yippee! Time to unpack and furnish my office!
I had enquired about some help, and Mr Crumble told me about two very strong fellows he had met in the Barbie community. Apparently these guys like lifting heavy things for dolls, and so I met them today. They said that moving my furniture should be very easy.
The man who shook my hand was extremely muscular but very gentle. (Much to my relief! My little digits disappeared into his calloused hand immediately.)
 Within minutes, the duo were unpacking and carrying things inside.
It was rather fortunate that the windows have not been installed yet! The openings made it much easier to move the big items through the gap.
The stairs were very narrow for the Barbie-sized folk, but the guys seemed to manage quite well.
I am loving all of my furniture so far and it seems to fit perfectly!

 I would never have been able to move these bookshelves by myself! These men really were incredibly strong.
 This is the seating area. Don't you just love the leather and mission style couches?
And here is my desk! Pretty snazzy, eh?
Not exactly the social type, the boys did not stay for long. All of my furniture was unpacked and moved into place in less than half an hour. I thanked them for all of their help. Now it is up to me to put the final touches on this place and I can open for business!



  1. Hello Isabelle,
    Your new office is wonderful!! I'm very glad you had those two strong men to help with the heavy lifting :)
    You have a wonderful blog, I love it!!
    Hugs to you and Sam xx

    1. Thanks Vicky! It seems that all the dolls here are very friendly and helpful. I am really enjoying living in Oak Leaf forest (By the way, Sam loves your blog too!)