Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kinsey here . . .

Hi everyone,
For the past few months, I have received strange letters and packages from Isabelle.
Apparently some post offices have been holding these letters for many years with strict instructions to deliver them in the year 2016.
Isabelle writes that she is having a wonderful adventure with someone named 'The Doctor" and states that she would arrive the day after she left. The only problem is, that date has come and gone. Very strange. I am worried that something weird is going on.
I consulted with Builder Sam, and after looking through the artifacts, she said that Isabelle is traveling with a 'Time Lord' through time and space.

At first I was very worried, but Builder Sam said that Isabelle would be fine. I have been named the new "Chief Property Manager" until Isabelle's return.

I have to move the Small doll community to Willow Ridge. It does mean a big increase in pay, which is a good thing.

However, this is a HUGE undertaking. It is not like I can just sit with my feet up on the desk. Although, that does sound like a good proposition, especially since Isabelle is still enjoying herself on vacation.

And YES, I have my feet up on the desk. Miss Isabelle, if you read this. . .COME HOME.

As much as I would like to rest, there are a ton of things to be done around here.
As Isabelle always says,


  1. Hello Kinsey,
    OMG Isabelle is travelling with a Time Lord? With THE Doctor?? Well then she must be having some awesome and scary adventures. I am not surprised she didn't come back when she said she would. The Doctor is terrible at keeping time. Which for a Time Lord is a bit strange ;-)
    I hope you manage the move all right but I have every confidence in you!
    Nice shoes ;-)


  2. Hello Kinsey,
    It sounds like quite a task you have before you, but I know you will find everyone a great home. Putting your feet up once in a while can be good for your circulation.
    Big hug

  3. You really deserve to put your feet on the desk while taking a little rest - Isabelle is having the adventure of a lifetime and you're staying home with tons of mail and tons of work. So gain some strength and I'm sure you'll have fun despite all this work because in the end it will be very rewarding... ;O)


  4. Looks like you have your work cut out for you Kinsey! Fancy Isabelle leaving you in the lurch and taking off with The Doctor when there is such a big move being planned. I imagine builder Sam may have a few words to say about it when Isabelle gets or no!

    Sending you big hugs of encouragement,

    P.S. I seem to recognise that little dress. :)

    1. Thanks, yes, I love this little dress!

  5. It is good to see you again Kinsey and Congratulations on your new job title as Property Manager. You have always had good insight and given good advise to Isabelle and so I know that you will do an Excellent job until she returns from Time traveling with The Doctor.


    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I hope the pay is worth all the trouble.

  6. Hi Kinsey! It is always wonderful to see an update from your neighborhood! I hope your move to Willow Ridge goes smoothly even without Isabelle to help! But I must say, I am always a little worried when anybody goes "missing" in Time Travel..... I can tell a story or two about the problems that can arise.....! So I sure hope Isabelle gets back soon! Sometimes just putting your feet up and waiting is the best strategy... "Time" sometimes takes care of these problems all by Itself! :)

    1. Oh, thank you! I too, hope Isabelle comes home soon.

  7. If she been with The Doctor then she has been having great adventures!

    1. Yes. I hear that traveling with the Doctor is quite an adventure!