Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bessie's Dilemma

Bessie had a medical check-up and received awful news. 
Needing more information, Bessie organized a meeting with Dr Zoe and Fairy Hazel to see if Elven medicine could help her condition.
Bessie burst into tears and sobbed her heart out on Dr Zoe's shoulder.
"I have total Porcelainization," wailed Bessie. 
Dr Zoe knew immediately that this was a fatal condition.
"Oh Bessie, I am so sorry," exclaimed Dr Zoe. "Let's talk with Fairy Hazel."
Fairy Hazel and Dr Zoe examined Bessie. 
Her hands were cold and had lost all flexibility.
Dr Zoe checked Bessie's neck and shoulders. The Porcelainization was too far advanced for any kind of intervention.
Fairy Hazel explained how the disease was incurable even with Elven Medicine. The only treatment available was for Bessie to retire to a rocking chair and live peacefully on a porch for the rest  of her life. 
Porcelainization is an inevitable part of being a dollhouse doll. One fall could cost you your life, and as you know, Bessie has been prone to falling over.  The rocking chair is the only safe solution to prevent breakage. Bessie blurted out that the inability to make tea and serve others was a fate worse than death. 
Clearly this news was devastating. Both Dr Zoe and Fairy Hazel decided to tell her about one possible idea. It carried a great risk of failure, but Bessie said that she was willing to try anything. Fairy Hazel spoke about the controversial process of "Reshelling".
Bessie wanted to hear more about reshelling. It was explained that her personality and character would be transferred to a new body, but there were also some serious risks associated with this process. Bessie did not want to hear any, she had already made up her mind to do it, regardless of any risk.
Fairy Hazel and Dr Zoe said they would organize the details for the operation. 
Bessie was informed that she would have to say goodbye to everyone she knew (just in case she never returns), and to sell everything she owned to pay for this process.
 Bessie was resolute in her decision to try the reshelling thing. Selling her beloved tea shop would be a small price to pay for the chance of freedom.
Goodbye Bessie. Here's hoping for a good outcome.


  1. Oh my! Poor Bessie! I am so sad for her, but so hopeful that the reshelling process will work. Good luck, Bessie! Good thoughts for you from the Wylde Kingdom! *hugs* - Wendy


    Poor Poor Bessie ( sniff)

    well, *sniff* if she has to have an entirely new body, then tell her to make sure that she gets the body of a 20 year old at least.


  3. Oh no, poor Bessie! I hope the reshelling process is a success for her and we see her again! Good luck Bessie!

  4. Sad but true - many of my dolls suffer from this condition :(
    Most of them now live in a retirement home called 'The Loft'. It's warm (very well insulated),comfortable and has Christmas decorations up all year round. What more could you ask for? But I do hope things turn out well for Bessie ! ^_^

  5. So sad for poor Bessie. Always the optimist, I'm sure Dr. Zoe and Fairy Hazel will succeed with the reshelling so Bessie can continue doing the thing she loves most...making tea and serving others. It's just a pity she has to sell everything she owns to do so.
    Sending big hugs,

  6. Hello Sam,
    I am very sorry poor Bessie has to go through this. I'll be thinking about her and hoping the procedure is a total success.
    Big hug to you and Bessie,

  7. Poor Bessie!!
    Let's hope the reshelling procedure works and like Elizabeth says, make sure you get a young body so you've got plenty of years left!

    Good luck!

  8. Poor Bessie!!
    Let's hope the reshelling procedure works and like Elizabeth says, make sure you get a young body so you've got plenty of years left!

    Good luck!

  9. Oh my... what a tragedy! But Bessie is a very brave lady, chapeau to her decision to try her only chance at the cost of leaving everything behind. Fingers crossed for a happy end...


  10. Poor Bessie...unfortunately this is a common thing at the One Scale Dollhousein the fashion doll world, they buy themselves new bodies on a regular basis and think nothing of it, they cannot bear not to fit into the latest fashion...and Poor Bessie has to sell everything she owns, poor dear. I am sure the reshelling process will go smoothly for her.

  11. Oh dear, how sad for poor Bessie. Let's hope that her reshelling is a complete success and that she'll be back home again in no time!