Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tag - I'm it!

Hi everyone! Builder Sam here. Yeah, I know- long time no see. Things have been quite busy here.

I was nominated by Xanadu at Xanadu Dolls to participate in this tag and I thought that it looked kind of fun. Here are my answers with a lot of very old photos!

1. Do you collect anything other than dolls? Yes, dollhouses of course!!! I actually love collecting all kinds of miniature things. They just make me incredibly happy. You can see that the walls of my office are covered in all sorts of miniatures.
2. Why did you start a doll blog? I started this blog to get my dollhouses finished. I thought having a really cute doll, like Isabelle, would encourage me to write about her adventures and about my dollhouses at the same time. However, when Isabelle arrived, she kind of took over. Now this blog has taken on a life of its own.
3. Do you have one particular doll that is the favourite in your collection? (If I don't say Isabelle, I think I will be in trouble!) But really, all the Fairyland dolls I have so far are really my favourites. I just love every one of them. There is the cuteness factor, and the amazing articulation is so much fun.
4. Your favourite doll accessory? (The houses of course!) Although, I have discovered Etsy, and there are incredible artists out there who knit and sew the most amazing doll clothes. So after houses, I would have to say that clothes are my favourite accessory.
5. Do you know exactly how many dolls you have in your collection? As for my Ball Jointed Dolls - absolutely! I know each one by name and where they 'live'. I even 'know' a couple of dolls that I don't even have yet!
6. Do you play any instruments and if so, what? The flute!
(Oh, to be young and thin again!)
I can also play about two tunes on the piano. I  began learning the piano as an adult which is very hard and it is kind of embarrassing carrying around an "Adult Beginner" book. I know I have two hands and two eyes, but reading two different lines of music at the same time is quite impossible! When I can play Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" and Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turca" I will be over the moon. (Judging by the way I practice, it is never going to happen!)
7. Where is your most favourite place you've ever been? I have been to many great places around the world, but my ultimate spot is the southernmost tip of mainland Australia - Wilson's Promontory. I have so many great memories of camping there as a kid. It has wonderful hiking trails and gorgeous beaches.  I loved making sculptures in the sand. I even tripped over a wombat one dark night!
The first and only oil painting I have ever painted (about 30 years ago) was of Tidal River at Wilson's Prom.
8. What is your most favourite thing about yourself? My creativity! I cannot live without it.
9. Favourite book or movie? Without hesitation it has to be the story that captured my imagination in childhood, The Magic Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton (as well as The Naughtiest Girl in the School by the same author).
My favourite movie is Moulin Rouge (Ewan McGregor is so cute and makes my heart melt when he sings) although the latest version of Les Miserables comes in at a close second!
10. If you could design your own doll, what would it look like? Hmmm, I would get Fairyland to design some slightly taller male Pukipuki dolls. (I actually hope they start producing the Pukipuki line again sometime soon!)

I'm going to leave this tag open for whoever wants to do it!
Well, as they say, That's All Folks!
(Isabelle will be back soon),


  1. Hi Sam,
    It was interesting and fun to read this post. I play the piano since I was a child.
    Never gave it a thought about reading two lines at a time. It just comes naturally.I suppose it must be difficult for an adult beginner.
    I also love collecting miniatures. I just love tiny things, human babies, animal babies, even some reptile babies.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora. That is so cool that you can play the piano. I am so impressed with anyone who can play. It is one instrument I can listen to for hours. I wish I could have learned it from childhood.

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.

  3. Fun to get to know you! I am glad you said Isabelle. I like her too!

    1. Hi Grandmommy. Thanks. I really do like Isabelle too! She is the first ball- jointed doll that made my heart melt.

  4. Sam you really are a girl after my own heart, seeing your walls covered with your collections thrilled me. :)

    I am tickled you play the flute and are learning the piano. I love listening to the piano, both classical through to rag time (actually listening to a CD of Scott Joplin as I write). My hubby is also an adult learner, he is so dedicated and practices every day, but he does find it really difficult and sometimes quite frustrating.

    I also loved many of the Enid Blyton books as a child, and yes, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Enchanted Wood were amongst the favourites of mine too! Did you know she wrote around 400 books? I have even wondered if this is where my love of writing stories about The Elvin Forest stems from.

    I am so pleased you did this meme, it's good to have you back blogging again.
    Big Hugs,

    1. Hi Xanadu, how interesting that your hubby is an adult learner too!
      I did not know that Enid Blyton wrote so many books even though I have read quite a lot. I really think she captured many kids imaginations to be enchanted by fairies and elves!
      Thanks for all your encouragement. Hugs back!

  5. Hello Sam,
    It was lovely getting to know you a little better! I love your collection of miniatures!
    Big hug,

  6. Really interesting, I enjoyed reading about you and your life :)

  7. It was fun to read your answers to these questions and learning a little bit more about Builder Sam. And I was nodding when you came to the Isabelle-took-over-and-the-blog-got-a-life-on-its-own-part... I can truly understand this because it's all the same with Fluby... ;O)


    1. Hi Birgit, thanks.
      Ha ha, yes - Fluby does a great job.

  8. Hi Sam! This was such a great read because it actually puts a face to the name of both YOU and Isabelle. :D I am the child of a musician but although my dad could play the piano, none of his children were ever given any lessons. I do however have a sister who, as an adult, taught herself to play guitar as well as the piano and another sister, also as an adult, went to university and learned to read music and sing opera. One of my brothers taught himself to drum. I know that it can be done but each of my siblings (and now my son as well), have found it more of a challenge because they started music lessons so late. I guess it depends on how bad you want to do something. Me, I'm content to just listen and I must admit that I LOVE to listen to the flute! :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks.
      How interesting that your dad played piano. My brother is also a drummer and still plays in church.
      The older I am becoming, I am finding that I prefer to listen to musicians that actually know how to play. I think I am just torturing my poor old piano and I think it will thank me when I finally give up!

  9. Hi Sam,
    I love the walls covered in cozy! I have to whole-heartedly agree with you on the cuteness of Ewan McGregor in Molan Rouge...:) I really enjoyed reading your answers and seeing your photos. :)
    xo Farrah

    1. Hi Farrah, Thanks. Yep, that Ewan McGregor is a cutie! I also love him in "Miss Potter" as well.
      He is also pretty cool in "Down with Love" and is an excellent Obi-Wan Kenobi! Truly a great actor!