Sunday, September 6, 2015

New House

Hi everyone. I am back!
Builder Sam has been working in the boiling hot garage making a house from scrap wood. Rumor has it that she is building an unusual structure for a VID (Very Important Doll).
Hmm, that is weird. Builder Sam said that she was going to build a special house for me, but it hasn't happened yet. I decided to go and ask Mr Nova. After all, he is the building inspector and he should know who this house is for. I found him asleep on the job as usual.
I was about to wake him when I noticed what I thought was someone entering the new house.
 Wait a minute, there was someone there!
 I saw them peek out the window.
 And then, just like that, they disappeared!
 I went over and checked the house, but no one was there. How very strange! 
Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.
I have been experiencing a lot of double vision lately.
Now I know for sure! I think I will go and see Dr. Zoe immediately.



  1. Oh ho! I see that Isabelle will have another new friend soon! :D Builder Sam is doing quite a nice job on this pretty little structure! Love the windows and the curved door.
    It Looks like a Winner!

    And it's Good to see you back again Isabelle! :D


  2. Mmm I love a little bit of intrigue, I wonder who's coming to live in this house? I hope Builder Sam has a fan or something to keep her cool, after all we would hate for her to get heatstroke out in that garage. Maybe it's the heat that's effecting your vision Isabelle, I think it's wise to visit Dr. Zoë and get checked out.

  3. Hello Isabelle,
    Don't think for a minute that it is you...I saw her too! I can't wait to see the house is looking very promising!
    Big hug,

  4. Don't worry about your eyes... I saw her too! Strange things are going on... and I really wonder who this VID might be... hmmmmmmm... But in the meantime until builder Sam gets done it's good to have you back!


  5. Oh Isabelle, you're so cute with your little hand on your hip. I hope you get your house soon!

  6. Well, I saw her too, but I DO kind of think you should get your eyes looked at. Just sayin. Hopefully you don't need glasses or anything (though you would totally rock glasses). Really glad to see you around. Missed your adventures in property management. :)