Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Come to the New Blog

Kinsey and Dr Zoe here again!
We want to let everyone know that Bessie says thank you for all the good wishes. Dr Zoe accompanied Bessie to the re-shelling hospital where she has settled quite comfortably. She will undergo a six month rehabilitation program.
Since I have been named the chief property manager, I am going to make a few changes around here. One of the very first things is this blog.
Dr Zoe and I have been talking about this, and we have decided that we should probably start a new community blog. It does not feel right to continue on with Isabelle's blog without her.
We decided to call our new blog "Urban Elves". Catchy title huh?
Join us over at

See you all there,
Bye from Kinsey


  1. Congratulations Kinsey on having a blog of your very own.

  2. UrbanElves? see you there! :D