Sunday, June 30, 2013

Credit 101

Well, well, well! Who knew that humans could act so funny if you use their "credit card" as I now know what it is called. Sam was not exactly thrilled that I had purchased all my furniture without her "permission". (She was mumbling something about a big vet bill and all).
As it turns out, I now have to attend a few classes about money and credit. So far it is quite interesting. Did you know that a credit card is only a temporary loan, and that you actually have to pay that amount back to the bank a few weeks later?
Sam thought it would also be good for me to take Real Estate 101. Especially seeing that I am Property Manager and I am in charge of housing all of the Smalls. So much to learn! Not sure if my little Elven head can absorb all of that knowledge, but I will try.
Well, I have so much reading homework, so I had better get started. 
Huh! It says that you need money to start a business, and that you need to spend money to make money! Need to talk to Sam about having my own credit card.
So much to learn, cannot keep my eyes open. . . . . .ZZZZzzzzzzzz