Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Flowers

Mr Crumble stopped by my house to drop off some paperwork. Kinsey and I invited him in for a cup of coffee. We began discussing the wonderful flowers we had all received lately from an anonymous source.
Mr Crumble began to tell the story of the daffodils he had received on Tuesday from a very brightly dressed delivery lady.
Kinsey said that she also had flowers delivered on Tuesday from a very tall, uniquely dressed female.
Mr Crumble spoke about the girl's unusual pink hair and Kinsey interrupted saying, "She had yellow hair, not pink! It sounds like we are talking about different people!"
So Mr Crumble described exactly what he remembered: "A beautiful female with ruby red lips, covered from head to toe in colorful layers."
Kinsey laughed, "It is amazing how we both see the world differently!" And then went on to describe what she remembered.
 "Oh boy," I exclaimed. "Let's get to the bottom of this and find out who the mystery florist is and what the delivery girl looks like." I called 'Cupid's Flowers', the only flower shop nearest to Oak Leaf Forest and a woman named Rosalie answered.
We chatted for a while and she told me that yes, she had sent us the gifts. She had heard that we had suffered a horrid winter and wanted to cheer us all up.
As for the delivery 'girl', Rosalie actually has two delivery girls, Nadia and Suki. We laughed about Mr Crumble and Kinsey's recollections. I invited Rosalie to stop by any time she is in the area so that we can thank her personally. She said that she might come up to Oak Leaf sometime in the summer months. That should be a fun meeting!



  1. What a thoughtful florist Rosalie is to send you all such beautiful flowers ... I bet you are relieved now to know who it was that actually sent them. :)

    Hoping the flowers did the trick and that you are all beginning to warm up there with a good dose of SPRING!!

    1. Thanks Xanadu. It is a lot warmer than it was a few weeks ago, but it still has a long way to go. (It is 7 degrees C today, so anything above freezing is good!)
      I am so glad that we were able to track down the florist that sent the flowers. It was a lot of fun to talk to Rosalie and thank her personally.

  2. *sigh* Why can't our local florist be like Rosalie... ;O)


    1. I must admit that I do feel rather blessed having great friends and wonderful dolls living all around here.
      Big strawberry wishes and hugs to you.

  3. Hi Isabelle! It is good to see Mr.Crumble still calm cool and collected and able to take a break from the Bakery Reno to be able to just visit with you and Kinsey! I have to say though that when you said that you were going to call the florist, I was expecting an OLD SCHOOL TELEPHONE! There you were though, fully up to date with your I-phone and that's when it hit me just how out of step I am with the world of mini real-estate and communications. hahaha
    The floral deliveries were pretty cool too!


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      It was nice having Mr Crumble visit, but he has been too busy with the bakery and no time for actual baking. (I love it when he drops by with some freshly baked goods!)
      Corded telephones are ancient! I may be old fashioned in some ways, but I am enjoying the new technologies.