Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tea Room Progress - part 1

Bessie wanted a friendly, homey, kind of feeling for the interior of her tea room. She chose cream colored wallpaper, and a dark stained floor.
The interior trim was stained to match the floor. The stairs have been completed and installed.
 Upstairs, a skylight was added to let more sunlight into the room.
 Electrical and plumbing will come next.
It is rather exciting seeing everyone's buildings progressing.
If the current rate of work being completed  stays on pace, then I will be enjoying coffee and cake very soon!



  1. Hi Isabelle! Bessie's Tea Room is coming along nicely and I am looking forward to seeing the electrical and plumbing installed. I also wonder what sort of tables and table cloths she is going to choose . . . it's all very exciting!

  2. Perfect choice of colours - it's friendly, cheerful, warm and inviting... and above all - it matches with anything. Bessie will be able to decorate her tea room for example saisonal with a fast change of accessoires. Great idea to install that skylight... didn't know it's called like that in English, what a perfect word... in German we just say it's a "roof window"... no poetry included... ;O)


  3. Very nice! Your stairs came out especially nice. I just did some that came out terrible! Would you mine sharing a tutorial for them? Skylights! I love them both in real life and now in mini. By the way my nine year old granddaughter and I read your blog together. We both love all of the cutie characters. :-)

  4. Great floor color! I love little cakes and tea sets. So I can't wait to see this all done.

  5. Very cute and lovely! Mini hugs, Natalia

  6. I am really loving everything you've been up to lately! Seeing your progress pictures have been so much fun... and I can't wait until it's coffee and cake ready!

    New houses are so much fun! :)

  7. Beautiful, Isabella!!! I have so much catching up to do on your blog. But this is great to see. Coffee and cakes soon! YAAY!

  8. What a nice house you are building for your dolls! For the moment I have to content myself with a shelf in one of my bookshelves.
    In case you have curiosity, you can see some pictures on my blog: Sweet Faery Doll

  9. HaPPy Easter Dear Isabella ~ LuV, TiGGy :)

  10. Hi Isabelle! I think that Bessie's tea room is coming along Splendidly! She must be getting very excited by now! Your clientele must be very pleased with your service Isabelle. You and your real estate team have hit Home Runs every time!:D
    And Cake sounds Great! :D


  11. OMDolls. Thsthouse is adorable!
    Rebecca: Mama, can I move there?
    Me: No Rebecca.
    - AnonymousA