Sunday, June 9, 2013

National Doughnut Day

Did you know that it was National Doughnut Day on Friday? In honor of that day, I am celebrating today and I think it should be just fine. A few friends are coming over to see my office and to indulge in some sweet deliciousness!
Rather tempting I'd say!
(I am rather partial to the chocolate ones!) 
Let me show you how much work has been done on my Property Manager's office. It is nearly finished and I am so excited to begin furnishing it. (I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr Crumble and Bessie will be my first clients!)
Downstairs I went with soft green wallpaper and white trim,
This is the front door that I really wanted! It is lovely and wide with a window. Sam bought it in Australia and even added extra trim to make it more interesting.
 The stairs have some unique styling also.
I chose blue wallpaper for the upstairs area.
Outside, the shingles have all been installed and stained. Trim has been added and the large windows will be going in quite soon.
Hope you like my office! Now I am just going to wait for my friends.

Wait! I think I see them coming. Cannot wait to sink my teeth into a yummy chocolate doughnut. . .



  1. Hello Isabelle! I love the way that your home/office is shaping up! The soft green color with the white trim throulghout is fresh and clean and the detail on the staircase is really pretty! I also like the small print for the upstairs. You are going to have a whole lot of fun choosing your furnishings so that later you can get to work and find your friends their own establishments. I hope that Mr. Crumble will still come over to cook for you!? An elf girl has to eat healthy meals regularly and not just delicious yummy looking donuts! Perhaps I could help you out and eat just a few to save you some calories?
    I don't mind, .... Really!


  2. Wow, Isabelle! It looks amazing! Congratulations on your awesome Property Manager office! How official! Can't wait to see it all finished and furnished and fantastic! And your doughnuts look delicious. I wonder if there are any at C&M. Hmm...

  3. Yummy looking donuts! Your wallpaper is perfect for the little cottage; so bright and cheerful.

  4. Thanks everyone! I cannot wait until I can officially move in and get things set up.

  5. Your blog is just adorable! I will visit often...mind if I have a donut? :-)