Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dollhouse Show Treasures

Sam went to a dollhouse show.  I should have gone with her, but as we had just arrived back from Iowa, I was too tired. Maybe next year!
Upon arriving home, Sam showed me the treasures she had purchased. Bessie and Mr Crumble joined me, gathering in my kitchen to view the loot.
The first thing was a beautiful sword! We were told not to touch it as it is very sharp.
Now, the thing about Elves is that we are very curious and swords have been a part of Elf history. I couldn't help myself. Wanting to know exactly how sharp it was, I quietly stretched out my little finger to just touch the edge when Mr Crumble yelled, "NO!" I pulled my hand back so fast, I made the table quiver! Mr Crumble apologized, saying that he did not want to see me get hurt. I apologized as well.
We then looked at a couple of wonderful metal cup holders with dainty little bells on top. Bessie squealed with delight when Sam said that it was a gift for her coffee and tea business.
Next thing I hear is her say, "Oh my, the room is turning white and spinning. . . ."
Then, BESSIE FAINTED! Goodness me! (My first aid kit is getting a good workout these days!)
Mr Crumble thought that it would be better if Bessie just sat down for the afternoon. She said that she was overcome with pure joy and the thought of actually having a business never occurred to her before. She was happy just making morning and afternoon tea for people!
We then looked at some assorted bottles. as well as the placemat that was a free gift for all of the mothers who attended the show.
The first 100 people to arrive at the show received a free gift. This is where I have to question, what were the organizers thinking when they handed out a cute little brown puppy? Puppies should not be given as gifts! It is a big responsibility and one not to be taken lightly!
He really is a cute little fellow, but I am only a renter at the moment and I know I cannot take him in. Luckily, Mr Crumble knows someone who lives on a big farm and needs a dog. So I know I will be seeing this dog again in the future.
Silly boy! He keeps licking my face!
Wow, this has to be the most fancy packaging of a product I have ever seen! It was from "The English Kitchen". Inside were two fabulous pieces of cookware for my new home. Of course, the owner of the store, Lesley Burgess, never sells her pots and pans without a delicious meal to go along with them. 
Mr. Crumble got busy immediately, switching on the stove to warm up the food for dinner.
The aroma permeating the kitchen was intoxicatingly delicious, and we really enjoyed eating it! We will definitely be making these recipes over and over again!
Well, that's enough excitement for one day. Bessie is feeling much better now.


  1. Puppy Breath!!! Yuck!!

    1. Aw, cute puppy! Audra, I love puppy breath. :-) Great finds, Isabella!

  2. Well Isabelle! Life certainly has built adventure up around you! What in the world are you going to do with a sword!? The elves in Lord of the Rings used bow and arrows. No matter. The tiny cups and the cook ware are Wonderful and I am glad that Bessie has recovered enough to be able to enjoy that delicious looking meal that Mr. Crumble is preparing. What ever is left over, I am certain the puppy will enjoy!


    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      Although the majority of Elves in the Lord of the Rings trilogy use bow and arrows, the finest swords are forged by Elven blacksmiths. (I would like to believe that I come from that certain line of Elves!)
      Frodo's sword, Sting, was of Elvish make, as was Gandalf's sword, Glamdring. Sting (Frodo's sword) would glow blue when orcs were nearby. Legolas, too, used a couple of short swords in "The Two Towers" at the battle for Helm's Deep.
      Gotta love Tolkien for recording part of Elven history!
      Thanks for your comment, and you are right – life is one big adventure!

    2. Hi Isabelle! You are right and I stand corrected! I should bone up on my Elven history first, not just assume I know what's what. It has been quite a while since I read the trilogy and so I forgot , but you are RIGHT on all counts. Still what are YOU going to do with a sharp sword? I hope that there are no Orcs living in the vicinity!?


    3. Hello Elizabeth!
      Yes, I can thank my lucky stars we have no Orcs in Oak Leaf Forest! But then, I wonder. . .
      Alas, the sword is for a friend of Sam's, therefore I can't keep it. I was hoping to hang the blade above my mantle. It would certainly keep predators away!
      Thanks for the back and forth!

  3. Hello Isabelle.
    What wonderful buys. The English Kitchen pieces are just wodnerfula dn look delicious. I love the sword and that puppy is just adorable.
    Big hug,

  4. Wow, I mean WOW Isabella - What Awesome LooT You GoT! That Sword PowerfulMost Took My Breath away! Love the tiny cups and you did a Great Jobbie reviving Miss Bessie with that Nifty First Aid Kit - HandyMost That! Gotta love your description of the wisdom of handing out puppies and that perfectly adorable expression on your face, Soooo melted when he licked you! That kitchen set with delicious food is utterly Astonishing - TiGGy will be Right Over! Awesome PosT!