Sunday, May 19, 2013

Iowa Trip!

My office is really starting to look good. I chose a pale green for the outside, and now the shingles are going on!
However, work on my office had to be put on hold while Sam went to Iowa for a wedding. I begged her to take me on the road trip and she agreed!
We left early in the morning and traveled down through Michigan to Fort Wayne, Indiana. We stopped at Burger King. Unfortunately, they don't make Puki-sized burgers here! Instead I had a small amount of a kid's meal.
We drove all day, and it was really sunny and warm. I enjoyed feeling the sun when I sat up on the dashboard. After trying out several different spots, I discovered that the coziest place to travel was in the arm rest.
Best seat in the house! (Er, the car.)
Construction. . .sigh.  . .
Traveling across the USA was interesting but a little monotonous. Lots of cornfields and farmhouses!
We stayed overnight in Kankakee, Illinois. It had been a long day of driving and I slept really well. The next day we hit the road again. The weather seemed to get worse the more we traveled west. We crossed the Mississippi River, but it was difficult to see because it was raining very hard.
We finally made it to Iowa, but the further we drove towards Des Moines, the colder it grew and we began to see snow. SNOW. Can you believe that! And to think it is Spring! Oh my!
 We arrived at the hotel early in the evening. Around the parking lot, I could hardly comprehend what I saw. Tulips freezing in the snow! Brrr, it was really cold! I cannot believe that only a day or two ago we were enjoying hot, sunny conditions! Back to cold winter weather. Sigh.
The wedding was wonderful, but we have no more photos to show as Sam's camera stopped working. We spent a few days in Des Moines, and then travelled home again. It was a two day journey home through Chicago and Michigan. Although it was a fun road trip, I am happy to be home in my own bed!



  1. Hello Isabelle! I am glad to see you feeling bette! Your road trip was pretty varied with all the different weather patterns that you got to experience. Tulips in the snow was a shock for me to view and it is a good thing that you had some warm clothing to wear, who knew!!!!!???? 2013 is becoming a year full of surprises!


  2. Leuk dat je ons volgt en je hebt een leuke site.