Thursday, May 9, 2013

Property Manager's Office

Guess what I am getting? MY OWN OFFICE!!!!

Sam is building me my very own workspace.  We discussed what I would like and we found a structure that fits all my needs. Here it is in the box. It is a Victorian Cottage Jr. made by Real Good Toys.
Sam will only have to make a few minor modifications for me. I want bigger windows, a door with glass, and no frilly trim or shutters!
The bigger windows and door frame have been cut. This should let in a lot of light. 
This is exciting! My office is going to be amazing! Wow, what a difference undercoating makes.
Here is what it looks like inside, one big work area downstairs and another work space upstairs.
Now I am just busy picking colors for the exterior and wallpaper for the interior.
I am so happy! Soon I will be able to have clients come to my very own office!
. . .Hmmmm. green or blue?



  1. Wow! It looks amazing, Isabelle! Wendy says I need to start thinking about a house of my own. I don't know what to choose. Or how you even go about choosing. Your work space is going to be beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

    1. Thanks Eve! It would be lovely to have a house of your own. First start thinking about what you like, and what kind of activities you enjoy doing, and then you will know what kind of house you need. (I am sure Wendy can help you find an awesome home!)

  2. So far so good! I have the same kit that I am bashing into a cabin. I am going to try to make the second floor have more floor to ceiling height. We'll see how that works!