Thursday, April 25, 2013

True Friends

Oh dear, I have been so sick!
Bessie called in for a cup of tea, but I told her that I had a headache...
a really, really, really bad one! 
I couldn't even open my eyes! Bessie said she was going to get some help and a few supplies.
After a while she came back with Dr. Natalie, who checked me over and said that I had an "Elven Migraine". Apparently, it can occur during strange weather. With all the storms we have been having lately, it is no wonder my head is about to explode!
Dr Natalie gave me some medicine to ease the pain and stop the nausea.
Bessie promised the doctor that she would keep an eye on me and report if any thing went wrong. After a  while I began to feel slightly better. Bessie sent me off to have a warm shower, and whilst I was busy in the bathroom, she changed my bedding. (Floral again, oh joy)
I must admit, a warm shower and clean sheets really felt great. I even managed to smile when Bessie gave me a get well gift of a soft teddy bear. So sweet!
Bessie asked me if it would be okay if Pastor Brown came to pray for me. I said that would be fine.
Bessie is a real sweetie. Next to my bed she placed cold water, aspirin and a candle (in case the power went out). The silly storms we have been having are quite unpredictable.
As my appetite returned, I noticed that some home herbal tea, and a sandwich appeared!
 Apparently Mr. Crumble was down in my kitchen whipping up sandwiches for everyone, as well as stocking my fridge and pantry with food. Ah, life is great with true friends.
 Time to just rest!
I am really fortunate to have come to this place.


  1. Oh Isabelle! You really do look ill! I am glad that so many people are helping to take care of your physical needs of food and water and such. It is wonderful to have that kind of care when you are feeling like all you want to do is be still. Having the pastor pray for your recovery is a really good thing! One always wants to get well from the inside out! God bless and grant you a speedy recovery.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I am feeling much better today.

  2. Isabelle - What a beautiful sweet story, I am so glad you are feeling better after such dear care you received - Lovely story!