Monday, August 5, 2013

Meeting Miss Kinsey Mio

This evening I had to make a pit stop at the office to pick up some papers that I need to look over before my final exam. Good thing I did!
I knew the minute I walked through the door that something was amiss. There was a STRANGER sleeping on the couch and the office was SPOTLESS!
 Something very weird was going on.
 At first I thought I must be in the wrong place.  My desk was moved and there were books organized neatly on the bookshelves.
 Here lay the stranger.
Wait just a MINUTE! This is my office! Who was it and why was she here?
 Hmm, how does one go about waking someone up?
 Just then she opened her eyes and asked who I was.
"Umm, isn't that a question I should be asking?"
"Oh, yes, I am Kinsey," she said. "If you are Isabelle, then I am your new personal assistant."
"Personal assistant?" I queried.
"Or secretary, if you prefer."
 "You hired me a few weeks ago from the internet," Kinsey informed me.
Suddenly memories came flooding back of the credit card fiasco. I do not exactly remember hiring a secretary but I wouldn't put it past me.  Oh well. "Great to meet you, Kinsey. I love how you cleaned up the office."
 Kinsey showed me how she had organized the office and had changed it for better flow.
 I could not help thinking that it did seem to be more logical. I think I am really warming up to the idea of my own assistant.
 "I met Bessie earlier. She told me that there are no hotels here. Perhaps I could just camp here at the office until I can find some suitable accommodations?"
"Nonsense," I said briskly. "You can stay at my house until we work something out. I am exhausted and I bet you are as well. Let's grab a pizza and we can talk over dinner."
"Sounds good to me!" Kinsey retrieved her small suitcase as I pushed all my papers into my bag.
 And off to my house we went.


  1. AW! I wish I had a secretary!

  2. My home office is in a disgraceful state. If Isabelle ever needs a part time job,....

  3. I wonder if Isabelle will clean her house too. lol

  4. Hello isabelle,
    I am so glad you got your assistant. the office really looks very professional now.
    Big hug,

  5. I could need a personal assistant organizing (and tidying) my workspace, too... *sigh*


  6. Hello Isabelle! I love the way that Kinsey has organized your office. Not only does it look more professional but now you can find things when you are going to be looking for them, ie. credit card reciepts and bills from on-line shopping. ( hee hee ) This whole situation though, reminds me of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. " Somebody is sleeping on my couch, and THERE SHE IS!" Thankfully Kinsey, although she has golden locks, is Not a Bear!


  7. Hi Isabelle!
    What a difference Kinsey has made to your office, it seems you have made a new friend too. Now it makes me wonder what mischief you two will get up to together. :)