Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Willowcrest House

You think Sam would know better. There are plenty of unfinished houses here in Oak Leaf Forest, yet she bought another one!
I guess I cannot blame her. The Willowcrest IS a lovely house, but this one is hardly even built! (Oh my, the types of homes us Property Managers have to try to sell!)
Sam was at a garage sale when she saw this house. It was only five dollars. Five dollars! I mean, who could resist that? 
Now I have to find the right 'magic words' to make people want to buy it. Hmmm, this is going to be interesting. . . "open living". . . "fresh breezes". . . "unimpeded views". . . "totally customizable". . . .
This is the back of the house.
I'll give you a quick tour.
Inside we step into a cute little foyer with a wrap around staircase. 
Maybe a little bit of foundation work is needed!
Let's take a look upstairs.
I am sorry, I just can't market open-concept stairs! This is just too precarious!
 Don't laugh, I am a little afraid of heights.
At least there are some railings!
 I know a lot of Barbie dolls live in these open style homes, but it just does not work for us Small Folk. (We prefer a minimum of three walls to a room!)
You see, if a Barbie falls out of her house, she will not end up with any injuries. (Being made out of plastic makes one quite resilient!) Most of the Tinies in the Small doll community are a lot more fragile. A fall can be devastating!
Even though this house came with all the pieces, it is quite difficult to sell a box of parts.
Well, I will put my best foot forward in marketing this house and I know I will find a buyer sometime in the future. 



  1. Dear Isabelle, the phrase you're looking for is of course "full of possibilties"... *LOL* Yes, this will be a challenge for you, but you will find the right buyer some day. And you can't blame Sam - who could ever resist this piece for five dollars???


  2. An absolute great buy! It is a lovely house, ideal for dolls who are not afraid of heights :-). Greetings from ex-Nymphaea the doll barn) :-)

  3. "Plenty of natural light?" That might work. And open plan living isn't for us Hittys, either. My person and I had to put a back wall on my bookcase apartment. You'd think those would be standard on bookcases, but apparently not.

  4. What a great buy! I am excited to see more of this project.

  5. I got my Willowcrest for $7 at a garage sale. It was already built with lots of missing parts that I was able to replace with scrap wood from my stash. It's one of my favorite houses. Have fun with it!

  6. How about "open floor plan?" LOL I like it and it really does have a lot of potential!

  7. Well I think the others have covered the selling points pretty well Isabelle. Haha!

    Tell Sam looks like a great buy for $5, never seem to find bargains like that here. I'd be interested in knowing, just how many houses she has and where on earth does she keep them all?

    Hugs to you both,

  8. This really is a bargain! Wonderful find and already on the way to be completely assembled.
    Sam is very pretty. I hope she finds many more bargains to show.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. That house is wonderful and Sam was lucky to find it so cheap... And don't worry, you'll find a buyer who is not afraid of heights very soon!

  10. Hello Isabelle,
    I must say, this has always been one of my favorite kits. It is a lovely building...what's one more project ;)
    Big hug,

  11. FIVE DOLLARS???? How does Sam do it?!!! What a gal. I have the same kit too Isabelle and so I am going to be glued to my chair watching the progress of this one. Sam usually has some Great Ideas for whatever she sets about reno-ing and I can always learn something new over here. But I agree, it is good to have a least 3 walls to any house. It can get really cold otherwise, and guaranteed, no privacy!
    Congratulations on a potential new listing, and for what I am certain, will be the toast of the town! :D


  12. That will be quite a challenging sale to make! But you never know, the "open-plan" houses are very popular right now. ;)

  13. Oh Isabelle - You have such a Wonderful way of having us all see the world - Love that house tour - If anyone can sell it -You definitely can!
    ~ LuV, TiGGy

  14. Fun! Love the curved staircase. :)

  15. Oh goodness! Five dollars??? (I have this kit too.... and have been resisting starting it..... but I quit resisting! Hah ha!) It is complicated.... but it has so much potential!!! I really can't wait to see more!

  16. Another beautiful dollhouse with big potential .... can't wait to see more