Sunday, August 31, 2014

Luka's House

I found it! Finally.
I had a client come in to sell their rental property. The home requires a lot of maintenance, but the seller is not willing to do it, and just wants to sell the house "as is". Even before I listed it, I knew that this was the one for Luka. It looks partly like a farmhouse, AND it has some interesting architecture.
After the renters moved out, I was able to take Luka to view the property. Luka was immediately impressed, even though it was terribly obvious that work needed to be done.
 It is a little strange when the front door is off its hinges.
"This is quite an interesting space," said Luka. "Although I'm not too sure about the pink rug."
 "Umm, Isabelle what on earth is THAT?" asked Luka in surprise.
"Oh no," I said. I had been told that the wiring was not up to code, but the jumbled mess of wires was more than I had imagined. "It looks like this house will need to be totally re-electrified."
 I think both of us stood there in stunned silence for a few minutes trying to understand what possibly could have happened.
We were able to get over the electrical issues and looked at the rest of the home. I explained that the garage had been turned into a kitchen.
Luka loved the huge glass windows that looked out onto the patio, although he was somewhat perturbed that there were no doors to the outside.
The only piece of kitchen equipment in the whole room was the stove. It needs replacing, but at least it will be easy to change this room.
We went outside and checked out the patio. I told Luka that the previous tenants had used this space as a barbecue area.
Luka liked the idea of having a barbecue and said he would do the same thing.
"I will have to put some sliding doors leading into the kitchen, or at least some French doors," he said.

Upstairs, there was an amazing room with many windows. It was part of the extension made years after the home was built. 
Luka said that the rug looked like a gigantic snake and that it would have to go. I totally agreed!
 "Why are there so many oversized rugs in this house?" queried Luka. "I don't understand the concept of rugs over carpets."
 Up in the attic, Luka and I were simply horrified that the owners had sticky taped all the electical system to the ceilings. No wonder all the wiring was such a mess.
 And not to mention the fact that the builders somehow totally got the bannister backwards at the top of the staircase! It is amazing that there have been no fatalities here.
 Luka said that a few changes and updates were needed here and there, but the house has great rooms and is simply perfect for him.
 "I am about to buy my first home!" said Luka excitedly. We went back to the office to sign the papers.
Stay tuned for many changes around here!


  1. Isabelle, you definitely found Luka a "fixer upper"! Hope you negotiated a great price for him what with all of the work needed. I am sure Luka will turn it into a real charmer though because I can see that the house has good bones.

    1. Hi Phyllis, yes, Luka got it for a very good price. It took a little negotiating, but he managed a great deal. Now comes the hard part - all the renovations.

  2. It is a very nice house, I can't wait to see the final result of Luka's house!! I think it is going to be great!

    1. Thank you Candy. I think Luka will turn this into a great bachelor pad and I cannot wait to see it either!

  3. Oh yes, there will be many, many changes needed - and the easiest of them will be throwing out the rugs, first of all the snake rug followed by the pink one. Luka will have to work hard, but he will turn this into a something awesome - the house has a lot of potential and is perfect for him.


    1. Hi Birgit. The very first thing Luka did when he got the keys to the property was throw out the gross rugs! There were four altogether. I think this house is perfect for him as well.

  4. What a terrific house! I'm sure Luka will have it fixed up in no time, and I can't wait to see the end result!

    1. Thanks Rosie. I hope the renovations go quickly as I want to see the end result as well.

  5. Hi Isabelle,
    So pleased Luka finally found a house he can call his own. Looks like a heap of work to do to bring it up to scratch, but it has a good foundation to build on and I'm sure he will have it underway in no time at all.
    P.S. Wasn't too long ago we replaced a front door that was quite similar to Luka's. :)

  6. Hi Xanadu. That is funny that the front door was similar to your door. I am quite sure however, that the front lights on your house do not have wires wrapped around the trim preventing you from closing the door! The previous owners of this house did a very strange job with the lighting. This will be an interesting project for sure!

  7. Hello Isabelle,
    Well, it is in need of a lot of work, but the rooms are fantastic sizes and the house, even in this state, has a lot of charm and character. I know he will have fun transforming it.
    Big hug,

    1. Thanks Giac. I think it has a lot of charm as well. It will be interesting to see what Luka does with it.

  8. Hello Isabelle! This looks like a nice solid house with a whole lot of space inside.
    After seeing all of the Fantastic Renovations that have taken place with the various properties in your town, I have no doubts that this house will soon be going from shambles to Super before Luka knows it!
    Congratulations Luka!!!


  9. Wow Isabelle - You are such an Excellent Realtor, that is an Awesome house for Luka with ToNs of Possibilities - Great Job! Cant wait to see it take shape in your talented hands! ~ LuV, TiGGy