Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tea Room Progress - part 2

Now that the interior of Bessie's tea room is completed, the exterior work has begun.
 The shingles have been installed and are waiting to be stained. (Yes, the builder glues them on the roof first, and then stains or paints them afterwards. Not the recommended way of staining shingles – it's just a Sam thing.)
Luka has been working alongside the builder making sure that the foundations are properly cemented, and that the rocks and pathways are being placed according to plan.
Here is Sam's work table with Bessie's shop.
A wooden frame was found at a thrift store to enclose the base of the property. Due to the frame being slightly longer than the land, an extra couple of inches were added with no additional cost to Bessie.
Because of the extra acreage, more cement had to be poured and left to cure. 


  1. It's coming along nicely Isabelle. Let Sam know she's not the only one that would do that with the shingles, I reckon they would be far too fiddly for me to do any other way than on the roof! The garden looks great too, can't wait to see it all completed. :)

  2. I like this project! I have not gotten good at landscaping yet. This looks great!

  3. It's really neat to see a dollhouse being built. It's looking great so far!

  4. Hello Isabelle,
    It looks wonderful. I love the foundation work and good luck with the shingles.
    Big hug,

  5. Sam and Luka did a fantastic job!!! Lucky Bessie getting even a small garden with a pond, what more could she ask for! Taking this frame as a base was a great choice.


  6. What a Great idea! Using the picture frame as a guide for the enclosure was Genius! The tea shop and the garden are really coming along nicely Isabelle. Your certainly the Go-To Girl when it comes to making peoples dreams come true! :D


  7. It's progressing great! Everything looks very nice, Bessie will be very happy with the garden and tea room I think :-).

  8. What a brilliant-looking front garden! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of it turns out!