Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Property Manager!

Big news......I have an official title now! I am "Property Manager" for Oak Leaf Forest!
Property Manager! How about that?
Let me tell you all about it....

Our official "girl's day" started out rather dreary weather wise, but Sam and I did not let it dampen our spirits. Riding up front in the car was interesting. Human cars seem to travel at the speed of light, and it was quite exhilarating to sit up on the dashboard!
 We went to Red Robin (a great burger restaurant) for lunch.
I ordered a micro version of the deluxe burger from the children's menu.
Even the mini one is huge! Sam had warned me that they served big burgers here.
During our conversation, I found out that a muse is someone who inspires another, and that is my sole purpose here - to be an inspiration. Wow, that makes me feel so important!
Apparently, many of the smalls have moved away because of the lack of housing. I want to remedy that and have a thriving community.

This is such a huge responsibility and I so look forward to the challenge.
Watch out world, Oak Leaf Forest will be THE place every doll will want to come to!
(Of course, we had dessert! No decent human or Elf would forgo such an awesome pleasure!)

Isabelle PM (Property Manager)


  1. Hi! Christie here! I am a new follower and have my own blog too :)

    I have to say, your house is just *amazing*. What a lovely living space! I wish the "Big Un" around here would get her act together and get me a nice house! Living in her over-sized place really just does not suit me!

    Congrats on the new title! Celebrations are definitely in order! They looked like very tasty celebrations too. :)

    Anyhow, so lovely to meet you!

  2. Hi Christie, Nice to meet you. Just be patient with your human. Have a chat with her and let her know you need a house. (I know the Barbies around here are way too spoiled! They have multiple houses, cars, horses, accessories and tons of clothes).
    I am so glad that my new title of Property Manager does not include the Barbie realm, just the Smalls!

    1. Christie: Well, I think my frustration comes more from the fact that she has TWO houses for us, and a greenhouse, but hasn't set any of them up. They're not as fancy as yours, mind you, but dangit... they're better than where I have been living!
      It's ok though, I'll be patient. I swear.
      ... and yes... we Barbies can be pretty spoiled. I must admit to owning a horse or two, and a whole slew of pets... and a car... myself.

  3. Hey that sounds like a great job! And that burger looks delicious. But the dessert looks even more tempting!

    1. Thanks Caroline. I think it is going to be fun job! And yes, dessert was delicious!

  4. Hi Isabelle Ante! I would have enjoyed being along for the trip to Red Robin to get a burger and also to watch photos being taken of you on the table with your own little burger! I bet you turned quite a few heads. Your server must have been most impressed with how tidy you were as well as how cute!


    1. Hi Elizabeth. Red Robin was a lot of fun. Our server was a rather young male who did not know what to make of me! I guess most humans don't take their dolls out to eat very often. Pity, we are very tidy and our meals cost next to nothing!