Monday, February 25, 2013

The House On The Hill

After seeing all the abandoned houses in a desperate need of repair, I decided to have a serious chat with Sam. However, when I drove off in search of my human, I came across a very surprising and thrilling situation.

Let me tell you all about it.

I was driving up a grassy hill when a beautiful, little blue house came into view. Coming closer I noticed a woman busily packing some belongings into a car. I stopped to say hello.
The lady introduced herself as Blanche. I told her I was new in town, and commented on her beautiful garden. Blanche told me to come meet her husband, Ernie. 
"ERNIIEEE!" she hollered at the door.
Ernie appeared a moment later, coming onto the porch carrying a white board. His eyes were twinkly and his face creased into a smile when he met me.
Blanche offered to show me around her garden. Ernie, not much of a people-person, busied himself hammering nails. I figured he was fixing a loose board perhaps, and didn't think much of the banging noise behind me.

When Blanche finished showing me around her garden, I turned to see what Ernie had been hammering. When I did, I noticed he had not been fixing the porch at all – he had been hanging up a sign. I screamed.
Magical words to a homeless elf!
"Good heavens, dear!" he cried. "What on earth are you screaming about? You made me drop my hammer!"
"For rent? Your house is for rent?" I did not mean to be rude by avoiding the question, but I couldn't believe my ears. Surely I was dreaming?

Ernie and Blanche told me that they are going on vacation for six months and were renting their house out for that time. Before they had even finished talking, I interuppted. The words could not come out of my mouth fast enough.

"I'll take it!" I cried. "I'll rent your home!"
Ernie looked rather taken aback. "Don't you want to take a look inside first?" he asked.

I explained hastily that I am currently living in Grandpa Plastic's camper and was on the hunt for a real house, and this lovely little cottage seemed perfect! Ernie and Blanche laughed and went inside to show me around.
The home was partly furnished, which is a bonus for me. Soon Ernie and Blanche were on their way. I wished them a great vacation and gave a cheerful wave as their car drove away. For a moment I could not believe my luck.
Won't be needing THIS anymore! Heh heh heh.

Until my next adventure,
Isabelle, (new homeowner!) 


  1. Congratulations on your new home! Yay! You got really lucky finding such a great house to rent--I'm excited for you! xo Jennifer

  2. WOW! Congratulations on your new house, Isabelle! That's awesome! Thanks for commenting on my blog, 'cause that's how I found yours, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it! I'm going to link to yours from mine, and I hope that's okay. Really looking forward to more of your adventures! Congratulations again, and keep up the awesome blogging! - Miri

  3. Thanks! I am kind of getting the hang of this blogging stuff. Moving into a real house is going to be lots of fun!

  4. Now that's a beautiful house. I'm so happy for you.