Saturday, February 23, 2013

Abandoned houses

 Today I came across some lonely houses. These must be the ones that Sam needs to restore.
 I love the Mansard roof. Hope this was the one she was intending to make for me. I just love the styling. Too bad that it is in a really horrendous condition.
All the doors were taped shut.
Technically, it is not breaking and entering if you don't break anything right? I thought l'd just climb in through the window and see if I really liked it. 
Peeling and stained wallpaper. Yuck! (obviously this house was not primed prior to wallpapering!) 
 From the awful walls, to the holes in the ruined floors, this house needs a lot of work! Not fit for any doll at this stage. So, I then checked out the house next door. . . .
This house needed some work done as well.
The rest of the afternoon was very much the same. More and more empty, abandoned houses waiting to be rehabbed. 
It is almost heart breaking seeing such a mess. Way too much to be done. The situation almost seems hopeless. I think I came across at least twenty houses in this condition.
Feeling overwhelmed that I will never have a place of my own, I decided to head back to the camper. I thought about Mr Crumble. No wonder he settled for a Barbie house, at least they are finished and complete!

As I drove along, I saw what looked like a house and then I realized that it was being used as an art supply cupboard. What a waste!
And then another. Oh my!
Arrgggh! Suddenly, my melancholy turned into frustration! Something needs to be done about all of this! And the final straw came when I saw a giant fish tank. . . A "home" for fish, and no fish were living there! This is the craziest place on the planet.
First thing tomorrow morning, I am going out to find Sam and have a talk to her. I need to find out what is going on here and what my purpose is.

Until then,

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