Friday, March 15, 2013

Welcome to My Humble Abode

Hello friends!  Welcome to my new rental home.  
It's getting rather late, but come on in, and I will show you around!
This is the kitchen. It is so lovely and modern, with a tile backsplash and a dishwasher. Snazzy!
Next, we have the living room. It has two built-in bookcases, and a wood burning fireplace. I just might have to have some friends over and roast marshmallows. I probably need to do some furniture shopping first!
Now up the stairs we go.
To the blue bedroom!
Although the bed is bouncy and very comfortable, I'm not loving the blue floral pattern! Clearly Blanche wanted the drapes to match. Sigh.
But I shouldn't complain. It's a lot better than sleeping in the camper van!
All right, here we come to the bathroom.
Once again, the floral motif is not to my liking. But renters cannot be too choosy.
Okay folks, that was the grand tour. Thanks for coming along. But for now – yawn – I'm going to head off to bed. I must say goodbye now, because a girl needs some privacy.

Now for a relaxing soak in the tub.
Ahhhh. This is the life.


  1. Nice home! Hope you had a wonderful nights sleep!

  2. Thanks for the grand tour. You've got a nice place there! Sweet dreams! xo Jennifer

  3. You got a gem of a house, Isabelle. Sweet dreamz.

  4. Thanks everyone. It is so nice to have a real house to live in, and it is wonderful to sleep in a comfy bed!

  5. Hi Sam
    It's just so wonderful how the inhabitants of your dollhouses tell their own stories about their everyday lives, it's a cute idea
    I especially loved the pics when the 2 big guys moved the piano 😂😂😂👍👍👍