Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I made it! Boy, this has been a long journey! Three months in a black box by myself was pretty boring. I am so grateful to see color again. Might have to have a word with Fairy Land. They need to install lights in our stasis pods.
My first stop was at the Denver Doll Emporium in Colorado, and from there I was shipped North. As my package was being unwrapped, I could hear squeals of excitement coming from my new owner, Sam. She is a doll, dollhouse, and chocolate enthusiast! Yippee! 
At first Sam was too scared to hold me. She thought I was too delicate to be held by clumsy human hands, but I told her that I am a doll and I am tougher than I look! 
I look like my regular elf self! 
Er, Sam, I believe I will require clothing and some hair, please.
So off to the salon we went.
I knew I wanted curls. First I tried brunette. . .
. . .but I thought it made me look at bit too wild. Then I tried blonde.
And I knew that this was it! The look I had envisioned!
Now Sam and I are off to find some clothes for me.

Until next time,

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