Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clothes Shopping!

Sam has built many dollhouses, but has not finished any of them! She had been planning on completing a house for me, but due to an unforeseen medical emergency, and surgery of a family member, she was unable to do so. She explained that she would be tied up during their recovery and would not be able to interact with me for a while.

Until I can find a better living situation, arrangements have been made for me to stay with a family called the Plastics. As I hear it, they are an extremely friendly family with many kids.

Sam had to go back to the hospital, and on the way, she dropped me off at the Barbie Land Shopping Mall to buy some clothes. It seems a towel is not appropriate for everyday wear!
I look rather cute in a towel, don't you think?
I browsed the clothing stores, but finding nothing in my size, I was directed to the children's section. This was where things became interesting.
I was beginning to look around, when I suddenly heard a woman's voice addressing me sharply. The following conversation went something like this:
"Excuse me, young miss. Children cannot run around this store unattended and need to be  accompanied by an adult. Where is your mummy, dear?"
"Um, are you talking to me?"
"Yes, little one. Where is your mummy?"
"Actually, I am new in town and I am a Pukipuki Elf. In all probability, I am most likely to be older than you."
"Oh my goodness, I am so embarrassed! I am sorry. Please forgive me! I must keep my glasses on from now on."
Ah, guilt. They say it's a bad thing. The woman, who introduced herself as Flora, then gave me extra-special attention. I think she showed me every item available in her inventory!
Not to add insult to injury, but I had to point out that the dressing room curtain was way too short to provide me with privacy. It did not cover me up in the least!
For all the inconveniences, Flora told me to pick out two pairs of shoes, free of charge. That was very sweet of her.
I decided to go with something practical: white Mary Janes and white sneakers. After I paid for my purchases I headed out.
All done! Now I'm ready to go meet the Plastics.

Until next time,

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