Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here I go!

I am still in my pod. It is extremely dark and I am trying to wait patiently. All around me are many boxes of Pukipuki Elves, waiting for their mission in life.

Every time the phone rings, and I hear an order being placed, I hold my breath in anticipation that I will be chosen. I must be patient.......

Suddenly, my box is being picked up! My heart is beating a thousand beats per second. I cannot believe how excited I am!

I overhear that I am to be someone's muse. What is a muse? Does that have something to do with music? I hope so, I love music! Wonder what my new life will be like?
Oh wow! I heard that I am being shipped to the U.S.A! It is going to be a long journey. America here I come!


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