Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Beginning

Hello! I am Isabelle. I am a Pukipuki Elf from the Ante clan, and I come from the Belle family in Fairyland.
I have just come of age and now it is time for me to go out into the world and become a human companion. I am about to start a new life, and I am so excited, even though part of me is really going to miss my family.
Here is my Stasis Pod. This is what I will travel in on my way to the Human world. During this "transition" time, I am supposed to contemplate my new life and how I will make my new owner happy. Looks pretty comfortable, although it is a little dark! I have been told we are like caterpillars inside a cocoon, waiting to turn into beautiful butterflies!
Well it is time to go, so I will say goodbye.


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