Friday, July 29, 2016

Builder Sam is back!

Hi everyone. Thank you for your kind words regarding my child's surgery. Everything went as planned.  The surgery itself took just over six hours, and recovery period has gone well.
I must say, the children's hospital is so different than when I was a kid. All the kids get private rooms and the parent stays 24/7.  (I got to stay in hospital without even being sick!) However, it is not so fun seeing your offspring in pain.
We have some more surgery later in the year, but I have time now to continue building Willow Ridge.
Time to catch up with everyone's blogs.
Now, I just need to find Isabelle. . .

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Hello everybody. Wow, it has been so long. Stupid computer upgrades.
This is a bittersweet post, as I am saying hello and goodbye at the same time.
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go,
I am standing here outside my door. . .
Hmm, sounds like similar lyrics to an old, but familiar song.
The long and short of it is that Oak Leaf Forest is closing down for a few months. All the residents are heading out on vacation.
The construction of Willow Ridge has also been put on hold as Builder Sam is busy with one of her children who has just had a major surgery and will require a couple of months to recuperate.
While I am waiting, I can show you some of the little changes that have occurred around here.
Due to major computer issues (namely, Builder Sam's computer being too old to be upgraded and Blogger's changes locking us out from the blog world) we moved the school computer right next to my realtor's office. (This is where this post is coming from.)
(However, if random French words or math equations suddenly appear on screen, it can be attributed to one of these programs logged on this computer.)
WAIT. . . 
I hear a familiar sound. It is very distinct. . . it's the groaning, wheezing sound of time-ancient machinery. . .  Vrreeeow-vreeeow-verrrow. . . .
Yes, it seems my ride is materializing. Better grab my bags off the porch.
Well, it is great to see you all again. I will see you all somewhere down the road.

…Huh. So it's smaller on the outside. Hopefully it will be bigger on the inside.
Time to go.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Post-apocalyptic Barbieland fallout - Meet Sindy

Hi everybody!
The last post seemed to cause a little distress. A number of readers were very concerned about the welfare of Barbies due to the conversion of Barbie-land to Willow Ridge.
To reassure everyone, I invited Sindy, the realtor for the Middle doll community, to give you some information.
(You know, in hindsight, it would have been a lot smarter to have met at her office! I forgot how big the Middle dolls are!)
With a little creativity and the moving of furniture, we made it work.
I would like to introduce Sindy. She has been a resident of Oak Leaf for about 37 years! Sindy is one of the original "Barbie" sized dolls that remain from Builder Sam's childhood.
(Geez, thanks Isabelle, now everyone knows I am the old lady around here!)
I look pretty good for a nearly forty year old doll huh? Anyway, I just want to assure you all that the Middle doll community still exists and continues to thrive! We have not been eliminated or packed away. "Barbie-land" was just an overflow town, created for play by human children.
Thank you all for being so concerned about our welfare! We have more than enough room for our homes and recreation.
Well, I hope this allays your fears as Willow Ridge begins its transformation.
Merry Christmas to all.
Isabelle and Sindy