Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bessie's Dilemma

Bessie had a medical check-up and received awful news. 
Needing more information, Bessie organized a meeting with Dr Zoe and Fairy Hazel to see if Elven medicine could help her condition.
Bessie burst into tears and sobbed her heart out on Dr Zoe's shoulder.
"I have total Porcelainization," wailed Bessie. 
Dr Zoe knew immediately that this was a fatal condition.
"Oh Bessie, I am so sorry," exclaimed Dr Zoe. "Let's talk with Fairy Hazel."
Fairy Hazel and Dr Zoe examined Bessie. 
Her hands were cold and had lost all flexibility.
Dr Zoe checked Bessie's neck and shoulders. The Porcelainization was too far advanced for any kind of intervention.
Fairy Hazel explained how the disease was incurable even with Elven Medicine. The only treatment available was for Bessie to retire to a rocking chair and live peacefully on a porch for the rest  of her life. 
Porcelainization is an inevitable part of being a dollhouse doll. One fall could cost you your life, and as you know, Bessie has been prone to falling over.  The rocking chair is the only safe solution to prevent breakage. Bessie blurted out that the inability to make tea and serve others was a fate worse than death. 
Clearly this news was devastating. Both Dr Zoe and Fairy Hazel decided to tell her about one possible idea. It carried a great risk of failure, but Bessie said that she was willing to try anything. Fairy Hazel spoke about the controversial process of "Reshelling".
Bessie wanted to hear more about reshelling. It was explained that her personality and character would be transferred to a new body, but there were also some serious risks associated with this process. Bessie did not want to hear any, she had already made up her mind to do it, regardless of any risk.
Fairy Hazel and Dr Zoe said they would organize the details for the operation. 
Bessie was informed that she would have to say goodbye to everyone she knew (just in case she never returns), and to sell everything she owned to pay for this process.
 Bessie was resolute in her decision to try the reshelling thing. Selling her beloved tea shop would be a small price to pay for the chance of freedom.
Goodbye Bessie. Here's hoping for a good outcome.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kinsey here . . .

Hi everyone,
For the past few months, I have received strange letters and packages from Isabelle.
Apparently some post offices have been holding these letters for many years with strict instructions to deliver them in the year 2016.
Isabelle writes that she is having a wonderful adventure with someone named 'The Doctor" and states that she would arrive the day after she left. The only problem is, that date has come and gone. Very strange. I am worried that something weird is going on.
I consulted with Builder Sam, and after looking through the artifacts, she said that Isabelle is traveling with a 'Time Lord' through time and space.

At first I was very worried, but Builder Sam said that Isabelle would be fine. I have been named the new "Chief Property Manager" until Isabelle's return.

I have to move the Small doll community to Willow Ridge. It does mean a big increase in pay, which is a good thing.

However, this is a HUGE undertaking. It is not like I can just sit with my feet up on the desk. Although, that does sound like a good proposition, especially since Isabelle is still enjoying herself on vacation.

And YES, I have my feet up on the desk. Miss Isabelle, if you read this. . .COME HOME.

As much as I would like to rest, there are a ton of things to be done around here.
As Isabelle always says,

Friday, July 29, 2016

Builder Sam is back!

Hi everyone. Thank you for your kind words regarding my child's surgery. Everything went as planned.  The surgery itself took just over six hours, and recovery period has gone well.
I must say, the children's hospital is so different than when I was a kid. All the kids get private rooms and the parent stays 24/7.  (I got to stay in hospital without even being sick!) However, it is not so fun seeing your offspring in pain.
We have some more surgery later in the year, but I have time now to continue building Willow Ridge.
Time to catch up with everyone's blogs.
Now, I just need to find Isabelle. . .