Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Letter From Luka

Good news - I have completed my exams and now I am a certified realtor.

Bad news - Kinsey gave me a letter.

Let's start from the beginning.
I made breakfast for Kinsey and myself, since this was my first day of freedom - no more school!
 Kinsey came to the kitchen carrying a letter and said, "By the way, I forgot to give this to you. It is from Luka."
"Luka?" I enquired, thinking it might be her husband or brother.
"Luka Darjeeling, your gardener."
"My gardener? I don't have a gardener!"
I read the letter from Luka. It said that his belongings were being held up in customs, and as soon as they were cleared, that he would arrive. Should be about three weeks.
I was very confused. Kinsey explained it to me, "Luka and I were both in an advanced work program for those dolls that are not adopted by humans. It guarantees a six month work experience with a sponsored employer. You, Isabelle, are our sponsor and employer!"
I was speechless. How on earth was I going to explain all these charges on Sam's credit card?
Kinsey noticed the horrified look on my face. "Something is wrong. What is it?. . .You don't want us anymore?"
I snapped out of my fog, "Oh no Kinsey, you are very talented and great at what you do,  I am just trying to figure out a way of letting my human know that you are here, and now I find out there is also another doll coming. How many workers have I ordered?"
"Just the two of us, as far as I know."
From now on, I need to be very careful which websites I look at, and what things I click on. Just pushing a button can dramatically change your life!
"Now what am  I going to do?" I wondered aloud.
"Oh that is easy," said Kinsey. "Part of my job entails smoothing out interactions between bosses and clients. Most bosses are clueless when it comes to interactions between people, and so the secretary is an expert in that field. Let's see. I need my computer.  . . ."
 Kinsey pulled out her laptop. "What does your human, Sam, like?"
"She loves dolls, dollhouses, chocolate–"
"That's it!" Kinsey butted in before I could say another word.
"What's it?"
"Chocolate. It is the one substance that solves many problems. It contains chemicals that cause the human brain to forgive, forget, and fall in love. It is very powerful and must be used carefully.
What kind of chocolate lover is she? White, Dark or Milk?"
I laughed. "Really? All it takes is some chocolate? I really don't think the solution is that simple."
"White, Dark or Milk?" Kinsey insisted.
"Hmm, definitely milk."
"Perfect," Kinsey said. "We should order some Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate from Australia. Does she like the plain, soft center, or the candy type?"
"Not sure. I didn't realize that there were different types." I said. Kinsey obviously knows a lot of detail about something I thought was rather simple.
"Well, we will order a variety then." she said, and within a few minutes she had ordered and rush-shipped some delectable gifts for Sam.
"Now, once it arrives, all we need to do is set up a meeting with your human."
Not sure how Sam is going to react. We will see.  (I think I really like having my own personal assistant!)



  1. Well Kinsey certainly knows her stuff ... Cadbury Milk Chocolate is the very best, I can vouch for that, I ate a whole block this week!! LOL!!

    1. That is good to hear. I want only the best for Sam (especially when I have to confess that I messed up again!). Kinsey does seem to know what she is doing, so we will see!

  2. Удивительные куклы! Они живут своей жизнью!
    А когда мы к ним подходим они замирают!
    Вы счастливая! Они разговаривают и вы их слышите!!!

    1. Уважаемая Татьяна,
      Куклы выбрать, если они хотят люди, чтобы услышать их, но люди должны быть надежным! Сэм является хорошим человеком, но Кинси и я собираюсь дать взятку ей немного шоколада, чтобы убедиться!

  3. Wow! Isabelle, Kinsey is worth her weight in gold! Hey..... how come none of my dolls has ever ordered chocolate for me, I wonder? hmmm? Perhaps, I need to adopt a new doll too!


    1. Heh heh, maybe you do need an Elf doll in your life! We are totally adorable, good fun, (expensive) and we will take over your whole world!
      Can you believe that Sam once thought that it was childish to put dolls in your dollhouses? Boy has she changed. And because she has, we have allowed her to hear and see us!

  4. Hi Isabelle, you should ask a publisher to collect your posts in a book. Your scenes are so cute and pretty, lots of little girls would love it ( and their mother's as well!). Hugs,Liduina

    1. Thank you! Your post just made my day (actually, I could say the same for your pictures too!)
      What a great hobby we are engaged in.

  5. An advanced work programme for dolls who are not adopted by humans yet... my bearies feel big relief that this is only for dolls! Well, Kinsey knows how to handle things, that's for sure.


    1. Sad but true. Bears will always be loved by almost every human, but not all humans love dolls. I don't know why someone did not adopt Kinsey as she has a heart of gold and is so sweet. I am glad she is here in Oak Leaf forest, now we just have to convince Sam of that fact too.

  6. Man are you lucky to have Kinsey! She's awesome! And that's good to know about humans and chocolate. Not that I have anything too upsetting for my companion just now, but good information for the future, because I DO know where she keeps her debit card. >:) Nice work, Kinsey!

  7. Hi Miranda, I am yet to see how this chocolate thing will go down. I am a little skeptical, but I do trust Kinsey. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

  8. These posts are tooo cute Isabelle! I think you have the makings of a wonderful children's book right here. :)

    Many mini hugs,

  9. Clever little dollies! Love your stories so much! Isabelle and Kinsey are a Great TeaM! LuV, TiGGy

    1. Thanks Tiggy! Kinsey is a great team member!

  10. Wow! This story is getting really exciting, Isabelle! Can't wait to see if the chocolate trick works. I sure hope so! xo Jennifer

    1. I have my fingers crossed that the chocolate will work. I don't want to have to go to school again!