Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mr Crumble

After leaving the campground, I found Mr Crumble's residence. As I stood at the large glass door, I knew instantly that I was at the right place, for I could see a man dressed in a chef's jacket busily stirring a pot on the stove. I knocked gently.
But all I heard was the man say, "Not now kids, I am busy!" Grrrrr! Here we go again, everyone around here seems to think that I am a child! I knocked again, and called out, "Hello, Mr Crumble?"
Mr Crumble looked at me, did a double take, then stepped down and answered the door. "Oh, I am sorry!" he said. "I have had the little Kelly dolls knocking on the door all morning asking for cookies. It is baking day and they like to sample my products. Please come in."
I entered the giant house and introduced myself. I could not believe the size of the kitchen, and Mr Crumble agreed that it was too big even for him. As it turns out, it was the only house with a kitchen that was available, and although Barbie doll size, he had been able to make some adjustments.
 Mr Crumble had to finish baking, but was happy for me to stay and keep him company.
 I cannot imagine having to use all this scaffolding while working in the kitchen. 
Mr Crumble and I had an interesting conversation. He told me about his dream of owning a large bakery and a cooking school. He really loves food, and that baking is an essential part of his life! 
I was given a large slice of chocolate cake, but it was much too much for a little elf stomach like mine.
Before leaving, I wanted to help out with the dishes. To my embarrassment, I was unable reach the water faucet. Mr Crumble, while appreciative, said that it would be much quicker if I let him clean up his own kitchen.
It was an interesting afternoon, and really great meeting a chef. I expect we shall be seeing each other again. 
Hmmmmm. It would be wonderful if Mr Crumble had his own bakery! I too, am a little tired of all the plastic food. Maybe I could be instrumental in helping him achieve his goals. I cannot wait to meet Sam again and do some serious talking.


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