Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mystery Solved: Meet Hazel!

"Eyes are perfect! No more eye patches." Some of the most beautiful words spoken to me today by Dr Zoe. I don't have to be a pirate anymore!
I stopped by the new medical office to see how construction is going.
Dr Zoe was happy to show me around. First we looked at the ground floor pharmacy.
Then we headed upstairs to the reception area. . .
. . . as well as the waiting room.
While Dr Zoe was showing me her office I looked out the window and I could see Builder Sam's desk.
I could see the new house and I asked Dr Zoe if she knew anything about it.
 Looking out the window Dr Zoe exclaimed, "Yes, that is Fairy Hazel's house."
"Who is Fairy Hazel?" I asked.
"Fairy Hazel is one of my mentors. I will introduce you if you like."
I never thought about the great Dr Zoe having a mentor. We walked over to meet her.
Hazel May is the first fairy that I have actually met. As per usual, I was speechless in her presence. I stupidly asked if she was coming to Oak Leaf Forest to live and she said 'yes'. (Why else would you have a house built here?)
Hazel is having this house built specially as she is just a little bit too big for the 1:12 scale properties. She started to show us the house.
 "Crystal wings!" I inadvertently blurted out when she turned around.
 "Why, yes!" said Hazel. "All fairies have wings. I have crystal ones."
"Oops, I'm sorry. I have never seen such beautiful wings up close before," I lamely said as I turned bright red.
 "That's okay, dear," she said, giggling. We toured the cottage and marveled at the use of recycled materials.
 Hazel has plans for a big stone fireplace so that she can roast marshmallows from the comfort of her couch. "The ideas you have for this house are absolutely wonderful!" I said.
 Hazel May is extremely elegant and moves with such beautiful grace. I was totally enamored by her.
 The highlight of our meeting (and the most dangerous!) was sitting on the roof looking at the view and chatting for a while.
Hazel is rather eloquent and a great listener. She is a wonderful mother figure.
Finally, the great mystery is solved!


  1. Hazel is just as adorable as the rest of you! I love the idea of the medical building with a pharmacy no less! Every time I read your blog I get the urge to hug you and your friends lol Especially you!

    1. Oh, you are so sweet, thank you Grandmommy! I would hug you right back!

  2. So glad your eye is doing better now and that your patch is off! Hazel is really cute too. I am sure she will fit in well in Oak Leaf Forest! I am excited to see both the Medical Building and Hazel's house all completed!

    1. Thanks Phyllis. It is good to be patch free! I am looking forward to seeing ALL the projects in Oak Leaf finished!

  3. Hi Isabelle!
    What a cute little trio you make. I would also have a hard time not staring at Hazel's gorgeous wings! The new house is looking fantastic :)
    I had to wear an eye patch when I was 5, so I know how you must've felt. ;)
    Glad to hear you are much better now!
    xo Farrah

    1. Thanks Farrah. Interesting to know that you also wore an eye patch. Yes, Hazel is such a sweetheart and her wings are really cool!

  4. Great to hear your eyes are fine and you don't have to be a pirate anymore... nevertheless... did you save that eye patch for Halloween? *grin* It's so much fun to see how Oak Leaf Forest develops and grows... you even got a medical center - and next a fairy home. What a nice fairy Hazel is - no surprise you have been impressed.


    1. Thanks Birgit! I don't want to wear the eye patch ever again. I think I will dress up as something else for Halloween. My pirate days are over!

  5. Hi Isabelle,
    So pleased you're back to square one again, enjoying new adventures (on the roof, no-less) and making new friends.

    Both the Medical Centre and a Hazel May's house are coming along nicely, actually the whole town is growing at a fast pace. At this rate builder Sam will need to extend her workshop!! :)

    Hugs to you all,

    1. Thanks Xanadu.
      Yes, Builder Sam has been talking about having a bigger workshop for a long time. It is just not going to happen anytime soon.
      It is good to be back and I am enjoying watching this town grow.