Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cockington Green, Australia

Hi everyone, Builder Sam here.
I thought I would show you some photos of a place in Canberra called Cockington Green. It is a park filled beautiful gardens and a large collection of outdoor miniature houses.
This is what I dream of doing with my dollhouses - if only I had the space, money and time!
It is easy to get lost in the miniature realism!
 The live ducks actually make you realize that these are model houses!
Watch out for the streaker!
 Whimsical scenes are scattered throughout the gardens.
 There are many model structures from around the world as well.
 In the children's area, there are a number of dollhouses with wooden furniture set up for kids to enjoy. (I know an adult who would love to play here!)
When the 'trees' in the display areas become too large, they are replaced by plants grown in this miniature plant nursery.
Inside the gift shop is this impressive house.  It depicts the family from the book "Seven Little Australians," which was written by Ethel Toole. 
Hope you enjoyed seeing this magical place.
So if you are ever in Canberra, make sure to stop by and see it!


  1. I would NEVER be able to go there. Not unless I don't plan on going home afterwards. I would live there LOL!

  2. Oh dear Sam! Why didn't you show this before we passed through Canberra on our last trip?? It would have made up for ANOTHER trip to the War Museum, that I was forced to endure. I didn't know anything about this, your photos are wonderful and I will make a point of visiting when we're next in Canberra. thanks for sharing them.

  3. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing these..I'm with Grandmommy...I would never leave either!

  4. Wow, pretty awesome! I would leave, but it would take a while to see everything, so I would be there for a long time!

  5. What a magical and interesting place - thanks for sharing... and for giving me a broad smile from looking at the Duckzilla-picture...and the streaker! Even in the miniature world there are freaks... yeah! ;O)


  6. Hi Gulliver,.... I mean Sam! :)) Your travels to the land of Lilliput looks like Fun!
    The architecture is Fascinating.
    Thank you for sharing these photos. They make for good future reference material as well as for good memories! :))


  7. Hello Sam! Those are wonderful pics. It reminds me of a certain episode of Inspector Barnaby, where someone is murdered in such a minature house park. So there has to be such a garden somewhere in England.
    And in the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg they've got old dollhouses which represented the real houses. They were meant to be shown to guests to show off the wealth (or the illusion of wealth).
    Many greetings,

  8. WOW!!! What a Fantastic place! I also fantasize about having mini worlds outside in the real garden.... so Impossible to maintain in our climate! It is really amazing to look at all those houses and the landscaping around them! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I can't believe I didn't go there when I was in Canberra... did I not like miniatures then? Can hardly imagine that. At least I will have some excuse now... it's not that far from Adelaide!