Sunday, August 10, 2014

Yard Work Begins!

The time has come for yard work to begin over at the office. Earlier in the week I had consulted with Luka as to what I wanted for the property.
My vision is to have lots of plants under the window areas contained by white picket fences. I also asked for a gravel path leading up to the front door.

Luka arrived bright and early with his vehicle loaded with all sorts of garden tools.
He immediately began mapping out the area for the new pathway.
After a huge pile of topsoil arrived, Luka filled his wheelbarrow and took the dirt to the sections he had marked out.
 Luka was very busy and after a few hours of hard work, it was time for lunch.
 I invited Luka to enjoy his lunch inside where it was cooler, but he said that he preferred to eat outside while on the job. It made him feel more connected to his project.
In the afternoon, the gravel for the front pathway was delivered. It was interesting watching the garden begin to take shape.
At the end of the day, Luka and I discussed the types of plants and flowers that have been ordered. He thinks they should be arriving sometime this week.
And a good day's work deserves a high five!



  1. Awww :Luke s so cute with his truck and little tools. He is a fine gardener!

  2. Hi Isabelle! I take my hats off to Luka who has been working very hard getting the landscaping done and it is paying off.... Big Time! It has already made quite a difference to the street-scape and I am envisioning your garden and picket fence, which will be just Marvelous! High Five from me too Luka! :))


  3. This is so adorable, Isabelle! Luka worked so hard and did an excellent job. I love the high five at the end.

  4. Hello Isabelle,
    He certainly is a hard worker. I cannot wait to see the finished yard.
    Big hug,

  5. Wow! Lots of hard work going on there. Luka is a great landscaper! Looking forward to seeing it all finished up! Go, Luka!

  6. High Five to Luka! He worked miracles in just one day and I can already imagine how good it will look with plants and a picket fence. And what I wanted to ask... is it possible that you send Luka over here to help me with my real garden? ;O)


  7. Hi Isabelle,
    What a wonderful job Luka is doing of the garden. I love his little wheelbarrow and that last photo of you and Luka is just the cutest.