Monday, February 17, 2014

On Top Of A Snowy World

The winter weather has been absolutely horrid this year! (To tell you honestly, I think it has something to do with the songs people were singing at Christmas. You know, the ones about the weather outside being frightful.)

Many of my clients have cancelled their appointments. It seems that they have left Oak Leaf in search of warmer climates until the big chill is over.

Words such as "Polar vortex", "frost quakes", and other names I have never heard of before are being broadcast by the news media. This winter has been a wicked one indeed! Luckily, I have elf blood running through my veins and I am not affected too much by it.
We are expecting a massive snowstorm tonight with up to eight inches of snow! Luka and I decided to go sledding early this morning to take advantage of the sunshine while we still had it.
We sledded for hours and had a wonderful time.
 Luka showed me where the snow caves were. We were very brave and explored a few of them.
 Then he told me about the ultimate snow experience - to climb to the top of Snow Mountain.
 I didn't think it was possible, but Luka said that he has done it before and was sure that we would be okay.
 Feeling adventurous, we left the snow caves and set out to go mountain climbing.
 It took a while but we eventually reached the top and, oh my, the view was fantastic!
 It felt really grand, sitting on top of the world chatting with a friend. We giggled that we should have brought some food to munch on. I suggested that we head down to my house and join Kinsey for some hot chocolate and cookies. Luka thought it was a rather splendid idea. What a fun day.

To all those who live in the northern hemisphere: Stay warm!


  1. Hi Isabelle!
    We have been hearing on the news about your horrid winter weather and the congestion it has been causing on the roads etc. It is just as well you DO have elf blood, otherwise you and Luka might be catching a chill climbing the mountain while it's all covered in snow.
    Hope you stay warm and enjoy your hot chocolate & cookies!

  2. It's so good that you can find some who are fond of snow. It's very funny pictures you show. In Denmark we have had the mildest winter in living memory. I can understand that is turned upside down where winter strikes this year.
    I hope you enjoy the inside life and can be a little creative.

  3. Hello Isabelle,
    Frightful is right! I hope the storm will not be as bad as they expect. I hope you are nice and warm!
    Big hug,

  4. It's best people don't sing that song every year :-)! It looks like you had fun Isabelle, the sled looks great!

  5. OHMIGOSH! You lucky duck! Where I live we never get any snow, in fact it's been over 80 degrees since Christmas!
    Your little adventures are so cute Isabelle! :)

  6. You're really making the best of the situation... We're luckier this winter in Northern Germany although it's far too mild, but that's better still than shoveling snow or drowning in the floods like the people in the UK. Stay warm!


  7. Your little sled is Awesome! I LOVE it when the little people go out to play! We have been having too much snow here too.... it just keeps on snowing! Great pictures... and a really fun post!

  8. Hi Isabelle! What fun you and Luka seem to be having on the sled and what perfect weather for it! I see that there is quite a LOT of Snow where you live and I can see now why Luka was previously so busy for so long with the snowplow. I guess that was when he discovered the snow caves. Climbing the mountain must have been a bit exhausting but very rewarding once you reached the top. You must have been able to see FOREVER, from there.