Saturday, January 11, 2014

Photo Challenge #1 - Self Portrait

 I decided to participate in a photography challenge as outlined on Miranda Wandering's blog here.
 I thought the same thing as Miranda; how hard would it be to do one photo a week? I WAS WRONG!!! It is harder than I thought! Here we are two weeks into the new year and I am just getting ready to begin the challenge!
I needed a camera, and I found an old one in an antique shop. The man told me that the older cameras take the best portrait photos. I purchased it and came home only to realize that it does not have a timer button, and you have to hold it to take photos. Not so good for self portraits! Oh well, the old, 'take a photo in the mirror' trick will work.
Well, we will see how I go with this challenge. 
Until next week, 


  1. LOL! I was tempted too but have no camera and was not about to purchase one. Besides, I suspected, it would be a bit more difficult than one would think ;-)
    I joined an art journalling challenge myself and there too I struggle to make a daily entry. Sometimes you're just not in the mood or too busy doing other (joyful) things...
    Ah well, your first picture is a beauty! I am looking forward to the other 51 ;-)

  2. Hello Isabelle,
    Good luck with the challenge!
    Big hug,

  3. Your first picture looks great... and the more you'll try the better you'll get to learn your "new" camera.


  4. HI Isabelle!
    Well better you than me, I look at those challenges and think they would be fun, but they take far too much commitment for me. I love blogging, but when it suits me, I find when I HAVE to do something, it just becomes a chore. So all my good wishes go with you and I hope you have lots of fun with it...I am quite happy to watch you from the sidelines. :)

  5. Hey Isabelle! Your picture looks great! And that is one super awesome camera, even without a self timer thingy! I am so glad you're doing the challenge with me! It's a lot more fun with friends! Yaay!