Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kinsey's Roof

Kinsey had an appointment with Mr Red, the building contractor, to examine her house for any needed repairs.
First Mr Red checked the foundation, which was solid and structurally sound, and then he climbed a huge ladder to examine the roof.
"Hmm, it is not looking particularly good up here," said Mr Red to Kinsey, who was standing down on the ground below. "The roof is very old and the shingles need to be taken off and replaced. I think you should come up and take a look."
Kinsey bravely climbed up the very tall ladder.
She could see immediately that Mr Red was right.
"Unfortunately, the shingles used on the main section of the roof are of very poor quality. As you can see, they have not held up over time. I suggest that you go with a good quality shingle and it should last a lifetime," said Mr Red.
The roof was even worse on the back side of the house where more shingles had fallen off.
Looks like a new roof is on the agenda! 
At least there was some good news. The tower roof was well constructed and the roofing material was in excellent shape. 
Kinsey is rather pleased that her house is well built and that the only changes needed, are cosmetic.



  1. Oh! Your house is lovely Kinsey! Don't worry too much about the roof tiles... They often need replaced on ALL houses after years of weather abuse!

  2. That was a high ladder, brrr :-). The house is very impressive, wow! Greetings from Belgium!

  3. How fortunate to have a trustworthy professional at hand. I am sure he'll fix your roof in a jiffy!

  4. Kinsey is very tough climbing up that ladder... for me standing on a stool is already too high! *LOL* Sorry that the roof needs to be renewed - but what has to be done has to be done!


  5. Don't worry Kinsey. It never rains there and the house will be lovely! :-)

  6. Hello Isabelle,
    I hope the roof gets fixed before it rains. It is such a beautiful building.
    Big hug,

  7. Hi Isabelle!
    Boy Kinsey has more courage than me, you'd never get me past the second step on the ladder!! Good on Mr. Red for spotting the shingle problem before it did any damage to the inside of Kindsey's house . . . I wish them well with the re-roofing!

  8. So great to have a professional around for help with such things. And just the roof isn't a big deal at all! Could be worse... could be, ya know, termites. :) I'm so happy for Kinsey with her house. It's a pretty one.

  9. I love the photo up the ladder! So cute. Good luck with the roof!