Friday, September 20, 2013

Mr Arthur's Cottage

It was rather fortuitous that Mr Arthur called to make an appointment, as Kinsey had received a message that her luggage had been found. We decided to meet at the airport at noon.
 Mr Arthur was easy to find as he was wearing the same red sweater he wore last time I saw him.
"Hello Mr Arthur, I would like you to meet my assistant Kinsey."
(Don't worry, I told Mr Arthur on the phone earlier about Kinsey, and he was quite okay with her knowing what I know about him. You remember? Famous author!)
After the introductions, Kinsey went and inquired about her luggage. She described her bags to the lady behind the counter and within a few minutes, she found where they were located.
Although relieved to be reunited with her belongings, Kinsey is still a little miffed that it took days to recover her suitcases.
With luggage in tow, we left the airport. Mr Arthur rented a flashy, red BMW Z8 sports car. This was surprising as I know he wants to keep a low profile. Guess the author types are pretty unpredictable!
I was amazed that his car was able to handle the rough terrain of this back part of the woods. He wanted something secluded and this property does fit that criteria!
When Kinsey and I pulled up in front of the house, Mr Arthur ran over to us yelling and screaming.
 "Oh Isabelle. This is it! I LOVE this house! I hope you have the contract ready as I want to sign it right now."
"But you haven't even been inside the house yet," I said, rather surprised.
"I know, but this is the house, I just feel it in my bones. The location is incredible and the house just oozes with personality. My next book features a villainous character who lives in a Tudor style cottage. I just have to have this one!"
  "I must warn you that the cottage is very old and there is a lot of work to be done." I cautioned.
But Mr Arthur did not hear a word I said. He was totally smitten with house.
Of course, he loved every inch of it inside as well!
 Kinsey pointed out that the rooms were spacious for a small cottage and that very little was needed to get the home up and running. Just some windows, and floorboards.
We found the original window frames lying up against the wall.
 Mr Arthur said that this was great news. He thought that the addition of some leaded glass would add even more character  to the cottage.
"Let's go to your office right away to sign all of the necessary paperwork."
"Don't you even want to look at the other properties before making a decision?" I queried.
"No, this is IT!"
I was speechless. That had to be the easiest sale in the history of real estate! Hopefully all my sales will go like that.



  1. Hi Isabelle, your stories are so playfull and imaginative. It's very funny to see how you put your characters "en scene". Do yo happen to know a blog called "la maison des ancetres"( It has the same narrative approach as yours, perhaps you will like it too!

  2. She is some real estate agent! She knows just which house to match to the person! I am glad the luggage finally turned up!

  3. Holy. Cats. That is one awesome cottage. Nice find! You rock at real estate, Isabelle!

  4. Hello Isabelle, Your stories are so much fun to read and the pictures are great. Happy that Kinsey found her gorgeous luggage. The wonderful cottage is so beautiful. I want to move in myself.

  5. Good looking house. Where'd you find that one? Fun story too! xo Jennifer

  6. Hi Isabelle, So pleased you found just the right house for Mr. Arthur...very nice one too! You are such a perceptive little lady, not everyone can match-make like that, keep up the good work.
    It's good that the luggage finally turned up, Kinsey will be pleased to get a change of clothes. :)