Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chocolate - Who Knew?

Kinsey knew! It worked, it actually worked! Apparently all humans have a weakness, and we managed to find Sam's soft spot on the first try!
The chocolate shipment arrived early this morning. 
"Wow! These blocks are huge!"
"You sure this will soften Sam's heart? I know she sure is going to be mad when she finds out that she is paying for a six month sponsorship for two dolls."
"Trust me, it will work like magic," Kinsey assured.
Kinsey and I had arranged to meet Sam. The time had come for me to let her know that I had used her credit card inappropriately and I was ready to face the music and own up to the consequences. I was willing to take over the payments for the new arrivals as they will be working for me.
The meeting went well. It was rather surreal and totally not what I was expecting. Kinsey was right. She knows her craft well - the chocolate was a big hit. A REALLY big one!
Sam was thrilled with the gifts. They made her laugh and she hugged both Kinsey and me. Apparently Cadbury is her favorite brand of chocolate and was surprised with all the blocks we had ordered. She said that she did not need to be bribed into finding out bad news, but Kinsey and I will always know that it did the trick.
Sam said that she sees that I have worked hard at my studies and that I know how to use credit correctly. So, as a graduation gift, she will pay for both Kinsey and Luka's sponsorship! I don't have to worry about it!
How's that? Humans, they are very strange!
Now I cannot wait to meet Luka! My very own gardener!
(We got to sample some of the chocolate - delicious!)



  1. Ah Isabelle! God is Good! .....

    and so is chocolate!


  2. Ok, seeing that chocolate made me put my vegetarian beans down! >:( (hahaha)

    1. Yeah, I'd put the vegetarian beans down too if I were you! Actually, chocolate comes from beans, so I think chocolate would be a more delicious meal for you!

  3. LOL Chocolate - The Ultimate Solution To All TinGs! - YaY Dolly Logic!!! :D

  4. Hello Isabelle,
    It is 8:13 in the morning and I am going to go buy chocolate right now. thank you for the idea.
    Big hug,

    1. Chocolate makes humans very happy, so I think it is a really good idea for you to go and get some! Have a happy day Giac.

  5. Fun story! I love that third photo! xo Jennifer