Saturday, December 12, 2015

Willow Ridge

Hi everyone! Many changes have been going on around here.
The "hardworking" Building inspectors are currently on vacation due to the big move. The old saying "the fat cat sat on the mat" is an apt title for this photo!
The Small doll community is currently being moved to an area that is safe from these beasts. It is going to be called Willow Ridge and is located at the southernmost point of Oak Leaf Forest. (More commonly called "the basement" by humans.)
Willow Ridge was formerly known as Barbie-Land. Here is what it looked like before.
Builder Sam was able to find some great bargains on tables. 
Over a period of three months and countless visits to the local thrift store, she was able to procure seven identical tables, ranging in price from $10-$25!
Here is a glimpse of the future Willow Ridge! 

And now for some not-so-happy news.
Builder Sam went to visit the little Bavarian town of Frankenmuth in Michigan. 
This town is famous for its covered bridge and chicken dinners served at Zehnders.
There are a lot of interesting shops, the best one being Rau's Country Store, as the whole basement was a huge dollhouse shop! 
'Was' being the sad word in that sentence.
Unfortunately, the dollhouse shop has closed and has been replaced with stuff for 'man caves'! What a terrible waste of space! Another dollhouse brick and mortar shop gone. Nooooooooooo! 
Oh well. Looking forward to Willow Ridge being completed!



  1. oh that is sad. I remember when my shop was open, (King William Miniatures) Rau's was pretty famous. I am sad to hear her shop closed. You got a great deal on your tables for Willow Ridge. I hope Barbieland/Oak Leaf's 1/6 scale residents won't be displaced in favor of tiny 1:12 scale people altogether!! 1:6 scale people need homes too! Barbieland looks exciting. Just too pink, maybe tone the pink down, LOL. My 'Barbietown' (we desperately need a new name) as it is affectionately called is growing fairly large. Only the residents are largely of the fashion doll and action figure variety, with a few tiny bjd's thrown in. Love your new doll room!

  2. How exciting on making a move. Willow Ridge looks like it will be a nice place to settle in! And the bonus of being away from the monster kitties is nice too! We live in Michigan and are only about about a hour away from Frankenmuth. We like to go to Bronner's. We have purchased some great ornaments there that work nicely in our Barbie dios. We have gotten some really awesome musical instruments ornaments and also animal ornaments. Look forward to seeing you after you are settled into your new space!

  3. I can't wait to see Willow Ridge all settled! I loved the miniature shop in Frankenmuth - that's so sad.

  4. I hope there is no refugee crisis for Barbieland people now... But it's great to see that your beast-free new place offers so much space - and Builder Sam is not only good in building but also in making bargain... ;O) Thanks for the lovely pictures of your trip - although it's sad this dollhouse store had to close.


  5. Hello Isabelle,
    What lovely pictures. So many ideas...
    I can't wait to see the new Willow Ridge.
    Big hug

  6. How Splendid that Sam was able to purchase so many identical tables for the future Willow Ridge, and for such Incredible prices too! I am ALWAYS impressed by her hunting and gathering skills. Well done that and I look forward to the continuing Small Town adventures Starring Isabelle and Company. :D



  7. Hi Sam and Isabelle!
    What a great find, how lucky you managed to get them all matching. Love the photos of your trip, but to get there and find that the lovely doll houses had been replaced by man cave stuff, oh man, you must have been bitterly disappointed.

    Still, you both have something to look forward to ~ Willow Ridge sound like it's going to be a wonderful new beginning for the new year. :)

    Hugs to you both,

  8. Those tables are awesome! All the same and with wheels!

  9. What!? Ray's closed!? That is so sad. I have no reason to go to Frankenmuth anymore.